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Entry #8

I have a confession to make. As much as I abhor the lifestyles of the human species I must admit they have impeccable tastes in food and drink. 291 more words


Entry #7

There have been whispers among my humans about changes to my kingdom. Could it be a coup d’état? Or will this short-lived reign of mine come to an end over a younger feline successor? 235 more words


Entry #6

Dear kindred souls, it’s been a while but let me assure you I am still around. It can be difficult to steal time to write when my human wastes her life away on the Pointless Book of Faces and some website called A Ton of Huffing Posts – I cannot recall the precise details. 293 more words


Entry #6 - Pioneer

Normally I’d begin a Night Porter Cinema entry with a quote from the film I’d review. For Erik Skjoldbjærg’s Pioneer, however, I couldn’t find one exceptional, interesting or even just okay quote to use. 537 more words


Entry #5

I spent the last 4 hours at the House of Books trying to find studies by this Dr. Furroid my acquaintance spoke of. An understandable mistake on his part, but eventually I figured out it was actually Dr. 292 more words


Entry #4

If you recall my previous entry you will find that I planned to protest for tuna by pushing my human’s patience. She is more daft than one can comprehend. 279 more words


Entry #3

It was a close call that last time. My human inconveniently returned while I was in the middle of my thought process. How rude! Tip of the day:  262 more words