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Entry #5 - Le Trou

“Hello. My friend Jacques Becker has recreated a true story in all its detail. My story”
(Jean Keraudy, 1960)

What a way to open a film: A man shatters the fourth wall, namedrops the director and claims the story that follows as his.

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Entry 4 - Bon Dieu!

What does this horde of slaves,
Of traitors and conjured kings want?
For whom are these vile chains,
These long-prepared irons?
– Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle (La Marseillaise, 1792)

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Entry #3 - Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

Saying that’s too hard is like calling me stupid, calling me dumb. I ain’t stupid.
Ricky (Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, 2013)

Almost three months ago I read a review of…

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Ryan's Journal: Entry 2 - Last Friday Night

I am serious-lately it has been hard to post stuff because I am always away from my computer. I can see why Orlando had such a hard time posting, and since I only have my phone around I might as well start posting stuff that way. 710 more words


Entry #2 - Deux jours, une nuit

“I don’t exist. I’m nothing, nothing at all.”
– Sandra (Deux jours, une nuit, 2014)

“Are you a Jehovah witness?” One lady asks when Sandra knocks on her door.

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As a trainer I have been at it for around 5 years now. As always I’m looking for new ways to engage my learners. In this entry I will be discussing how after reading Jane McGonigals book: Reality is broken I learnt how ‘gamification’ can help me to achieve a better engagement level from learners. 293 more words

Entry 2

Been a daughter in a world of prejudice and discrimination

Occupations ,education,earning , and respect are just a few things that even in the present are defined by sex. From the early to mid-twentieth century this situation was even worse.  177 more words