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Entry #7

There have been whispers among my humans about changes to my kingdom. Could it be a coup d’état? Or will this short-lived reign of mine come to an end over a younger feline successor? 235 more words


Entry #6

Dear kindred souls, it’s been a while but let me assure you I am still around. It can be difficult to steal time to write when my human wastes her life away on the Pointless Book of Faces and some website called A Ton of Huffing Posts – I cannot recall the precise details. 293 more words


Entry #6 - Pioneer

Normally I’d begin a Night Porter Cinema entry with a quote from the film I’d review. For Erik Skjoldbjærg’s Pioneer, however, I couldn’t find one exceptional, interesting or even just okay quote to use. 537 more words


Entry #5

I spent the last 4 hours at the House of Books trying to find studies by this Dr. Furroid my acquaintance spoke of. An understandable mistake on his part, but eventually I figured out it was actually Dr. 292 more words


Entry #4

If you recall my previous entry you will find that I planned to protest for tuna by pushing my human’s patience. She is more daft than one can comprehend. 279 more words


Entry #3

It was a close call that last time. My human inconveniently returned while I was in the middle of my thought process. How rude! Tip of the day:  262 more words


About Me Video: Presentations

You have had Wednesday through Friday to work on your About Me videos now. Today was your last day to work on your video. We will present these videos on Monday. 122 more words