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Yêu đơn phương

Yêu đơn phương sẽ có cảm giác như thế nào? Là cho đi mà không mong nhận lại. Đó là tình cảm không tính toán nhưng lại ấp ôm quá nhiều hi vọng, mong đợi người đó sẽ đáp lại tình cảm của mình, chỉ cần một chút quan tâm (có lẽ chẳng mang một ý gì sâu xa ngoài cái xã giao khách sáo thông thường, thậm chí chưa bằng một người bạn) nhưng với ta lại là cảm giác ấm áp lạ, và những tuyệt vọng đấu tranh trước đó sẽ được thay bằng tia nắng ấm áp, lóe sáng một niềm tin. 859 more words


Entry 2: Lost in Time

‘At Mornington’ by Gwen Harwood is a poem that tells the story of a persona reminiscing about past times and reflecting on their changing opinion of death while attending a friend’s parents’ funeral. 301 more words

Entry 2

91 Word Memoir Contest 2014

Back in January, I came across the 91-Word Memoir contest, which was hosted by the Gotham Writers Workshop.  In honour of a Gotham student who passed away a few days before her 91st birthday, the Gotham Writers Workshop challenged writers to tell a personal story in 91 words or less.   137 more words


My Author Quest Entry

On March 1st, the Short List (the top five) entries for the Author Quest contest were announced, along with the Editor’s Choice (the next 20).  I’d like to extend my congratulations to everyone who made the lists; I’m looking forward to reading the revised Short List entries!   41 more words


Organizational Failure


The recent failure of the US Olympic Hockey team to medal in Sochi highlights an organizational failure that could have been avoided with a better understanding of OB. 845 more words

Entry 2

Individual Professional Success

Although people often tend to prefer to work with those who share similar personality traits and ideals, diversity presents opportunities for an increase in talent, understanding and creativity, and can be critical to the success of a group or company. 742 more words

Entry 2

Past Simple Time markers

Most verbs have past tense and past participle in –ed ( worked, played, listened). But many of the most frequent verbs are irregular: 157 more words

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