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An Interpretation of Why David was Disqualified as the Temple Builder.


The Old Testament is often considered confusing and outdated, which leads many modern readers to avoid it. Rather than closely examining the seemingly complex passages of the Old Testament, readers study the clearer and more relevant teachings found in the New Testament. 4,029 more words


Epic of Gilgamesh and the Old Testament

By: Luis Dizon

Questions concerning life and death are prominent themes that is portrayed in much of ancient Near-Eastern literature, and many famous epics concern themselves with the attempt to pursue immortality. 1,273 more words


Was Judaism Ever Truly Monotheistic? A Review of Daniel Boyarin's The Jewish Gospels

In New Testament studies, the dominant story of Christian origins is pretty simple: Jesus sparked a Jewish messianic movement that eventually fused with pagan “divine son” philosophy, of which the most successful result was (orthodox) Christianity with a bunch of less successful off-shoots (heresies) that eventually died out. 1,228 more words


Dead Ahead

A New Saint in town

I remember a Fall day in 1997 when two friends of mine showed me a candle they had just bought at the local Fry’s grocery store in Tucson, Arizona. 1,282 more words