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Tough Thursday

Last day of this grocery week, i.e. tomorrow I am doing the weekly grocery shopping and replenishing my kitchen.

What I have left to eat: 185 more words

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Walking away from temptations

Almost two weeks into my grocery budget reformation (with one major… incident, a week ago) and I am starting to feel like a habit is forming. 202 more words

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Know thy enemy

In this case, the enemy is unfortunately myself. Someday I am going to bring to peace to all conflicts inside of me… but it is not this day. 169 more words

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The grocery envelope is empty and I have nothing to eat

…because I am one lazy cupcake.

I decided to blow my remaining $22,22 on the ingredients I needed to make minced meat sauce, which is delicious but takes almost an hour and a half to make. 27 more words

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My 2014 (second half) budget and envelopes

Apart from bills and a few dollars to charity every month I really only have three budget posts for the second half of 2014:

- Food ($40/week), which I pay for cash but don’t have an envelope for because I plan to withdraw the money every Friday before I do my weekly shopping… 69 more words

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Cash is king!

Well at least that is what Dave Ramsey says! If you don’t know who I am talking about then you really need to visit http://www.daveramsey.com… 758 more words


What week is it again? Oh yeah... Week 7!

Hey guys! This week was actually pretty great! I really don’t have much to say today, but you’ll see some big news at the end of this post! 216 more words

Dave Ramsey