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Day 145 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Action Tip:  Who is tired of fumbling around with cash envelopes? Limit your use of cash envelopes. Have few as possible so you’re not fumbling around with 5 envelopes at the register for one purchase. 29 more words

Action Tips

Filofax Compact Zipped Pennybridge in Raspberry

While I’m patiently (not really) waiting on swatches for my new Van der Spek planner that I’m planning, let me show you what I am using as a wallet right now. 359 more words


Avoid Holiday Debt

Americans spend an average of $712 per person on holiday gifts.* Those who rely on credit cards and make minimum payments might still be financing this year’s gifts when Christmas 2014 rolls around. 247 more words

Money Saving Ideas

Envelope System

I thought that in this post I will write more about the envelope system. This is really old system that your grandparents would of done. Dave Ramsey Introduce me to the envelope system and it works, it helps you keep on track by not dipping into your savings.. 642 more words

Single Mum Finance

How I Do My Budget

I said in my past posts that I was clueless how to do a budget and it was not until I got Dave Ramsey book ‘The Total Money Make-Over’ that I got it. 551 more words


Budgeting? Apps? Dave Ramsey?

I used to be terrible at budgeting; I was in a habit of getting paid, and then immediately spending it all, which was something I had picked up from my mother and one of my ex-boyfriends. 1,372 more words