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Start a nature Journal... Top tips to make one.

Ben Hoare, tells BBC wildlife “Making notes and sketches will transform your knowledge.” And as abide animals enthusiast I wont to get right on this and share how to for all the animal lovers out there. 281 more words

Buy The Drip: Thousands Of Gallons Of Oil Spill Into Ohio River Upstream Of Cincinnati

Lately it is not just trains blowing up across the country in the ongoing effort to prove just how safer rail transport is for crude oil transit compared to pipelines: as citizens of Cincinnati found out this morning, their drinking water may come with an added kick after thousands of gallons of diesel fuel spilled out onto the Ohio River after an incident at a power plant early Tuesday. 322 more words

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Today we used up this years quota of earths resources

Go us!

..or not

A sad day if you will (and hopefully will..). It took us less then 8 months this time, and beating the old record by one day (20th 2013). 58 more words


black moorland blues

that beauty is as lonely

as the curlew cry

is a lie believed

in the bracken gossip of lapwings

who, in passing on the saddest news… 24 more words


as neat as neat can be

an eternity

we raise our hourly glasses too

another and another

Ouroboros hoop

to jump through

how the skulls grin… 21 more words


rock pool eyes

as windblown wild

and free

as coasts in autumn,

your northern seas

beckon me

 in forest kelp and seal fur skies

your… 16 more words

by candlelight

a shiver of shadow

puppets prance

the walls

their twisted tongues

in grooves moving

as malicious whispers

akimbo in limb

  cruel charactures

vagabonds and blind fools… 17 more words