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Consequences of pollution

The human activity generate 3 different kind of pollution: water, air and earthy pollution. Each of this 3 types of pollution has it’s own conseuqences: 113 more words

Enviromental Issues

What to do when our lands are violated - Mining vs The Environment

As a relatively peaceful person, one whose work is to record and report on the beauty of our land, my stomach is churning & turning on a recently learned situation. 794 more words

Bad River

Causes of pollution

The pollution, one of the superior causes of the global warming, is demolishing the global ecosystem. There are three types of pollution: water pollution, air pollution and earthy pollution. 311 more words

Enviromental Issues

The heart

In the earth there is such a huge types of animals, pants and microorganism that all togheter create so many different ecosystems that let the earth work in harmony and that every single time surprise us with a wonderful sunset or with a magnificent waterfall. 242 more words

Enviromental Issues