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Global Warming...STILL...isn't happening.

It amazes me to no end that every time I say Global Warming is a fraud I get attacked.  Well, here we go again.  Global Warming, Cooling, Climate Change (caused by humans) is a fraud.  341 more words

Global Warming

The oceans are full of our plastic – here's what we can do about it

By Britta Denise Hardesty, CSIRO and Chris Wilcox, CSIRO

By 2050, 95% of seabirds will have plastic in their gut. That is just one finding from our… 1,086 more words


BP Stocks Fall After Threat of $18bn Fines*

BP Stocks Fall After Threat of $18bn Fines*

British Petroleum (BP) came into existence in 1914 when Britain took control of Anglo-Persian Company and renamed it… 682 more words


To regenerate or not regenerate...

THAT is the question these days. Many opt to buy a green car and never look back. This driver is clearly happy with his choice. … 8 more words


Engineering the City: Bicycles

How do we get people to bike more? This question seems to be on the lips of politicians and policy-makers everywhere. It is seen as a way to limit traffic congestion, lower CO2 emissions, and promote healthy lifestyles. 382 more words