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Ecology Lesson: A Great Lake is not the Pacific Ocean

Great reporting by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Dan Egan on the historical background of an issue I mentioned in an essay for the April 2014 issue of… 507 more words


Project Jewel: A Gaudy Shrine To Singapore's Commitment To Excess

Jewel Changi, Singapore. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, I would encourage you to do so.

From being the world’s best Airport to being the world best futuristic experience that just so happens to have planes flying out of it, Changi Airport is but the best example of Singapore’s craving to be the best at everything – even for categories that haven’t been invented yet. 191 more words

Personal Ramblings

Banff Mountain Film Festival a welcome harbinger of winter

In my world, the annual arrival of the Banff Mountain Film Festival is as welcome a sign of winter as seasonal craft beer and the first traces of snow on the North Shore Mountains. 204 more words


New Report Reveals Extent of Coal Ash Pollution

A report just released by Clean Wisconsin provides compelling evidence that the “reusing” of coal ash throughout southeastern Wisconsin is affecting the safety of our groundwater, including water drawn from wells for drinking. 756 more words


Wisconsin's PSC Rebrands Itself

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission was an early Progressive era idea created to regulate greedy railroads and, later, the monopoly utilities. Wisconsin was the first state to develop this sort of regulatory body, but today the Wisconsin PSC seems to be operating nearly exactly backwards. 796 more words


Democrats: Just Say "No" to Pipeline and Authorizing War

Though President Obama is so far making good use of his post-election lame duck status to speak clearly and firmly to Republicans, at least in some areas of domestic policy, Democrats in the Senate have found a new lame sort of love for the Keystone XL pipeline. 216 more words