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Born under a bad sign

Not to be confused with the previous post -“Serving suggestion” (unless you are a bird or a lizard).

This caterpillar was immobile on a leaf yesterday either resting after a meal or feeling the effects of the cold and rain. 49 more words

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Serving suggestion

Spotted mere feet away from Daphne’s ‘giant squid’, this was the state of the far end of the town beach this drizzly Wednesday afternoon. Author Donovan Hohn’s tongue-in-cheek non-fiction eco thriller… 82 more words

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Dear reader, I'm sure it doesn't apply to you ...but

Dear reader, I’m sure that the¬†incidence of dog mess and litter on my countryside walks is nothing to you with you.

That they do exist in such profusion is disheartening, and that my fellow citizens see no problem with dog fouling or littering. 72 more words

Surrey Heath

Battle for the Summit

The Skopelos Scramblers hiking club (open to all) have plans to assault the peak of Panagia Tou Pirgou sometime in the future.

Four teams have been practicing high altitude climbing with oxygen packs in the past months. 187 more words

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These mushrooms we found quite close to the chicken coop at home. We haven’t seen such big mushrooms for a long time and maybe the amount of rain that has fallen is the reason they are so big or maybe the natural fertilizer from the chickens did the job?

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Volos sunset

We didn’t see any stampeding crowds running to get a spot for a photo of this sunset, but for me it beats the pants off the sunsets in… 99 more words

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Look out, Alonnisos

Last Sunday’s Skopelos Scramblers walk to Milli village and beyond was perfect, weather-wise, with sunshine but not too warm for walking. The path was good thanks to Heather’s clearing and some of the group who have not viewed Skopelos Town from high above it were impressed. 119 more words

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