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Water wings off, crampons on

Muriel Dunlop’s 2014 season of Aquafit water exercises has now ended. Muriel would like to thank Skopelos Holidays Hotel and the Dionyssos Hotel for use of their premises. 49 more words

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I can't help myself

but I (Daphne) really like this photograph because it is not a standard blue sky, blue sea, photograph. The most beautiful part of the island, the green part, is shown here. 6 more words

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How's your husband? Delicious!

We are not sure if “How was” can be contracted to “How’s”, but that’s what we meant.

This mantis, interrupted at prayer last week, seems to be “with child” or children as the case may reveal. 65 more words

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Meeting Belted Galloway cattle in our heathland

Lowland heathland is a precious commodity. It’s even in our name – Surrey Heath. It’s a manufactured environment, in as much that human land management over the centuries with animal grazing  123 more words

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More water news

The clean up of Trahili bay was successful last Saturday. Several divers collected waste from the bottom of the sea but the beach was also cleaned. 17 more words

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Skopelos dive center dives against debris

Source: http://www.picionline.org/weblog/?p=354

Focusing on preventing debris underwater – One dive at a time
Local scuba divers and Skopelos Dive Center will Dive Against Debris today Saturday the 20th of September at Trahili bay on Skopelos. 445 more words

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Flood Risk Management presentation from the Environment Agency

The second presentation at this week’s Council External Partnerships Select Committee meeting was from the Environment Agency. Their presentation, from Ian Tomes, Flood and Coastal Risk Manager – West Thames, was on Flood Risk Management. 345 more words

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