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Something for your rods and cones

A photo of a very fidgety butterfly sticking its proboscis in every available carpel in a search for nectar.

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Biddulph Grange Garden, a splendid surviving Victorian garden

We recently visited Biddulph Grange Garden near Stoke-on-Trent. Saved from dereliction by the National Trust in 1988, and subject to many years of restoration, the gardens are a magnificent survival of the great age of Victorian gardening. 135 more words

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Are you concerned about aircraft noise over Lightwater and nearby villages?

Lightwater-resident Rosalie James is active in presenting the case for reducing aircraft noise over Lightwater, which also affects the adjacent villages of Bagshot, West End, and Windlesham.   194 more words


I used to know your father

On Friday my husband and I (Daphne) were looking for tomatoes from Skopelos but unfortunately our local supplier was closed. My husband then said that he knew another local farmer and we went to see if he was at home. 345 more words

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Coasting along the coast

With the wind howling and making a trip to the beach even more harrowing than it already is this time of year, we offer this picture of tranquility. 78 more words

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A bumper year

This summer has proven to be a really good year for plum production, perhaps too good. Many trees are so loaded with plums that unsupported limbs have broken from the weight of the fruit. 38 more words

Environment/ Nature