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Climate paradox deciphered from the Miocene era

Scientists of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), have deciphered a supposed climate paradox from the Miocene era by means of complex model simulations. 729 more words


Project Kingfisher - Acoustic Energy Testing of Existing Site

The need to effectively sound proof the drilling rig meant that testing had to be done to fully understand the exisiting site conditions. The site was modelled from a combination of plan and section, in 3dsMax. 180 more words


We are exporting industry, we are exporting investment, we are exporting jobs

The great myths of EU sustainability and a Green Wonderland - while emissions from the EU are only 12% of global values this is because the EU has forced out environmentally unfriendly manufacturing through uncompetitive taxation.   88 more words


New pulp industry investment in Finland/Äänekoski

Today is apparently a day for good news. On the website of Tekniikka&Talous a press release/news item was published concerning a new investment by Metsä Fibre in a so-called next-generation pulp mill, of a value of 1,1 billion Euros, which would make it the biggest single domestic investment in the pulp and paper industry in Finland. 168 more words


Couple of films of the National Trust Snowdon Hydro

Not sure if the following links will show up from YouTube if not then walesepa should find them.

National Trust

Chief Seattle 1854 - The Sacredness of the Environment

When I was in India an the Oneness University earlier this year – this speech stuck a chord within me that resonates to this day.  It made me really appreciate the Sacredness of the earth and that God is within everything we see.  284 more words

Fukushima alarm: A former mayor lays it out

The earthquake-and-tsunami-created nuclear disaster at the TEPCO nuclear power station in Japan’s Fukushima prefecture continues long after the 11 March 2011.

In this video by Russia Today’s Sophie Shevardnadze interviews Katsutaka Idogawa, former mayor of Futuba in the hard-hit Fukushima Prefecture. 789 more words