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Fly River ‘gone'

Malum Nalu | The National aka The Loggers Times  

THE Fly River in Western “is gone” as a result of the massive damage to the environment caused by mining over the years, according to Environment and Conservation Minister John Pundari. 334 more words

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What you need to know about Cambria

When looking into countertops for your kitchen, Cambria is a household name in the industry. Not only is it known for exceptional quality, but the various designs and natural quartz offer clients something they can’t get elsewhere. 316 more words

Concerns over impact deep sea mining for copper, gold off Papua New Guinea will have on sea life

Jason Om | Lateline | ABC Australia

A controversial mining project that involves ploughing the sea floor off Papua New Guinea (PNG) is set to begin amid concerns about its impact on the marine environment. 496 more words

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Seabed mining - from science fiction to reality

Andrew Darby | Sydney Morning Herald

On an engineering works floor in Britain stands a 250 tonne machine that promises to change the way we think about the seabed. 810 more words

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The Government Gets a Free Pass Too . . .

Why Corporations Breaking Environmental Laws Are Getting A Free Pass


Governments are notorious polluters . . . check this out:

Enviromental Protection Under Voluntarism



The Fight For Chile’s Environment Is Not Over

The country’s coastline and Patagonia region are constantly under threat from proposed industrial projects.

The Chilean government’s decision in June to scrap plans to build the HidroAysén mega-dam project on two of Patagonia’s wildest rivers, is definitely cause for celebration, but the battle to protect Chile’s rich natural world is far from over.  543 more words



mekamui | Mekamui News

Oh Mekamui : I care for you,
Sadden by the big hole in you

Oh Mekamui : I would not sell you for a price… 121 more words

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