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Fracking Versus Food

America’s Family Farm Heritage and Health at Stake

What if farmers couldn’t confirm that what they grow and produce was devoid of toxins, cancer-causing chemicals, radioactive materials and other pollutants? 66 more words

Green Living

Cry, don't laugh at the drought

Margaret Thatcher said famously, don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions. I read a funny piece in today’s Gleaner about water woes asking what is the Ministry doing, other than beseeching us to conserve water? 563 more words

Coffee Talk: Water, Water, Everywhere . . .

by WCE

Given our ongoing discussions about environmental regulations and personal conservation, I thought this article on water system losses would be interesting to discuss. Why are “glamorous” environmental projects (electric cars, for example, and sustainable power) more widely supported than analysis, pipe repair  and data systems to improve the efficiency of municipal water systems? 53 more words

Coffee Talk

Waterkeeper Alliance - Saving the World’s Waterways

The Waterkeeper Alliance organization’s beginnings go back to 1966 when commercial and recreational fishermen united to form the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association recognizing that citizen-led advocacy was the best way to ensure that laws were enforced to protect their river, livelihood and the health of their community.  319 more words


How to build a sustainable brand and boost employee morale in the process - Part I

Imagine this if you can.  It’s Tuesday and summertime in Ireland.  You’re in the office working away at your desk – and it’s the same old same old really. 843 more words

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The downside of China's unbridled industrial growth

In Ian Johnson’s piece for the New Yorker, In the Air, he observes: “A recent study reported that in 2010 outdoor air pollution contributed to 1.2 million premature deaths in China, nearly double the number of deaths worldwide for malaria.”  … 119 more words