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Got to Make the Bubbles Go Down

(Why am I naming days?)
10/18/14, Day 14,046 (Mercena Day 64): Got to Make the Bubbles Go Down

This day is so name to honor one of my favorite Mercena rituals. 466 more words

Naming Days

CEJC Releases Recommendations to DTSC as They Side with Polluters and Weigh Modesto Barium Removal

Two weeks after CEJC submitted detailed recommendations on how to reform and improve the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) the agency denied an appeal filed by CEJC members El Pueblo Para el Aire y Agua Limpia (People for Clean Air and Water) of Kettleman City and Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice that challenged DTSC’s approval of a Chemical Waste Management landfill expansion. 2,761 more words

Environmental Justice And Public Health

Supporting Social Cohesion and Communities in Scotland

Dear Lord Smith and the Smith Commission,

That Scotland be granted substantial control of its own taxation and spending in general terms is not overly controversial, but in particular the settlement needs to include… 1,015 more words


A Lobster Boat Moment

As an aware citizen, consumer, and activist, I’ve never felt the need to go see Bill McKibben speak because I’m already in “the choir” as it were. 497 more words


Why Is a Health Funder Backing Work on "Sustainable Neighborhoods" in the Bay Area?

If you’ve ever lived in a gentrification zone, you can probably figure what the term “sustainable neighborhoods” means. These would be places where, among other things, low-income, elderly, and disabled folks aren’t bulldozed aside by development trends dictated strictly by market forces. 21 more words

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California Environmental Justice Coalition (CEJC) to Hold Statewide Founding Conference in Kettleman City

Almost 40 urban, rural and indigenous grassroots groups have United in Solidarity for Environmental Justice!

The California Environmental Justice Coalition (CEJC) is a newly formed network of organizations with the common mission of taking action to bring about systemic change in industry and government policies and practices to protect health and promote justice and resilient communities by uncompromisingly following the Principles of Environmental Justice; promoting unity and solidarity; using community-based knowledge; and strengthening community leadership. 278 more words

Environmental Justice And Public Health

Who wants a LULU?

A LULU, or locally unwanted land use, is a building or establishment that no one wants near them.Examples of a LULU are establishments ranging from garbage dumps to prisons to power plants to water treatment facilities and other such buildings.These establishments are necessary for society to function, however they are unwanted nearby homes or businesses due to their health and safety risks. 512 more words