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On The Quality of One's Character

The notion that a person’s character is assessed by religious beliefs or non-beliefs, or by sexual preferences or domestic living arrangements, or by the color of one’s skin, or by whether one is living in poverty, or by whether a person is in debt, or by one’s political sympathies, or by one’s degree of patriotism, or by a number of other trivial social situations and philosophies; are all notions which are based upon ignorant and antiquated thinking. 114 more words


Beyond Petroleum

Back in 2000 BP launched its shiney new ‘Beyond Petroleum’ PR. It was always a giant sham. Now Scotland has to do the same, but this time for real. 994 more words


Stained with the Same Grease

Carlos Andrés Baquero Díaz*

Many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America are united by palm oil.

What does the soap we use in the shower, the butter we put on our bread, and the makeup we put on our faces have in common? 702 more words

Business And Human Rights

7 Ways to Combat Manterrupting on Behance

“Studies show when women speak up at work, they are more likely to be interrupted and less likely to be credited for their contributions. As a result, women speak up less than their male counterparts. 23 more words

Environmental Justice

Mora County Ban on Oil and Gas Development Shot Down by Court Ruling

Commentary By KAY MATTHEWS

The news is out: Judge James O. Browning invalidated the Mora County Community Rights Ordinance (CRO) that banned oil and gas development in a 199 page decision issued in District Court on January 19. 912 more words

Environmental Regulation

Energy Companies Play Dirty, Methane Menace, and More!


Fossil Fuel Follies:

Credit Dirk Ingo Franke at Wikimedia Commons.

OO “Delaware-Sized ” Gas Plume Over US West
Illustrates Cost Of Leaking Methane…
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More Success Tips Learned From "Dancing With Tex"

Lesson #2: Take Action

What dreams have you held that have been hibernating for years?

The journey to our dreams requires action.  Consistent action.  I know how easy it is to put dreams on the back burner. 458 more words