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UK Fungus Day 2014

12 October 2014 is UK Fungus Day, held by the British Mycological Society to showcase the diversity and usefulness of fungi, and the benefits of mycology (the study of fungi). 537 more words

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A Case About Probiotics

Erin Andrews is trying to sell me probiotics.1 She is walking through a bustling gym wearing a sharp blazer and a fresh blow out. Male patrons gawk. 1,050 more words


Under pressure: how do microbes grow in compacted soil?

This week, the Society for General Microbiology is hosting its first ever Focused Meeting, a mini-conference specialising on a specific topic within microbiology. This incarnation of the event is themed… 526 more words

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Nitrososphaera viennensis: a new species, genus, family, order and class of soil-dwelling archaea

When a new species of microbe is discovered, it often fits into a known genus, forming a new outermost branch in the tree of life. Sometimes, though, organisms are discovered with DNA sufficiently different from all known species that they are placed into a new genus. 634 more words

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