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The environmental movement may be larger than ever. On Sunday, September 21, the “People’s Climate March” flooded the streets of New York City. Estimates project an upwards of 400,000 people participated in the climate rally, with  1,484 more words

Changing the Climate, One Mansion at a Time

By Ethel C. Fenig / September 25, 2014 / American Thinker

As concerned climatics infested New York and other centers of first-world self-concern on the day before the first day of autumn to express their worries about seasonal change, night into day, and other climate/weather cycles they displayed their usual hypocrisy, selfishness and oh yes, ignorance. 957 more words

Marx And Progressive Ideology

Climate Marchers, Unite

By Paul Kengor / September 24, 2014 / American Thinker

Last weekend in New York, the People’s Climate March came to town. Thousands descended upon the city to promote what some touted as “climate equality,” a curious environmentalist variation of other secular-progressive sacred cows: income equality, gender equality, “marriage equality.” This “equality” thing works well for the left. 885 more words

Marx And Progressive Ideology