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Tuesday's Bits and Bobs

Another Tuesday, and again, not a lot to talk about.  Well, not work wise.  I have been doing some things, planning stuff, and working out things about my work. 749 more words



Photographs of faces through a fence taken in Evanston, Illinois. The top, middle and bottom photos are of tennis players through a fence.

Taken: SEPTEMBER 2014


Photographs of a storm taken in Evanston, Illinois. The top photo is of a tree struck that was struck by lightning, the middle photo is of two men fixing a sign that was blown off by the storm and the bottom photo is of a woman getting into her car during the storm.

Taken: SEPTEMBER 2014


Photographs of Light Sources in an apartment taken in the west side of Chicago, Illinois. The top photo is of sunlight coming through a window, the middle photo is of a ceiling light fan and bottom photo is of a lamp. 17 more words

Clowns of the Sea

Machias Seal Island has been on a list of destinations I have wanted to visit for several years. I was fortunate enough to take a trip there this month, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. 572 more words

Duck Cove Photography

Up for Discussion - Environmental Photography

This weeks guest post is by me, I won’t introduce myself and I hope you don’t mind me doing one of these posts. I have always had ideas of what to write about, but I have enjoyed letting other people write posts for me, gives me a day off.   1,230 more words



Photographs of tree branches in a park in Skokie, Illinois. The top photo is of a tree’s branch span, the middle photo is of a tree branch towering over a patch of trees and the bottom photo is of a twisted branch hanging from a tree.

Taken: JULY 2014