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WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - Another Favourite Place

Location:- Morning Mist over the River Tweed at Melrose in the Scottish Border Region

22nd October
(C) David Oakes 2014


Holistic Injustice

Rachel Carson testifies before the US Senate Committee on Commerce, 1963.

Silent Spring was a shocking book at the time of its writing. It is less so now in a world of relentless global media and information at our fingertips (and also because the impact of many of Carson’s assertions are more generally understood and accepted and apparent). 147 more words


NBers littering tidier, new study finds

Whether neatly placing an empty bottle on a storefront windowsill or throwing a chip bag in an alleyway where it won’t be seen, New Brunswickers are getting tidier about how they litter, according to a new study by the New Brunswick Environmental Action Association. 470 more words


Tibetan mastiffs star at dog expo

China View, October 2014

A dog expo recently concluded in southwest China’ s city of Guiyang. Next on China View, we’ ll take a look at some of the canines that participated in the event.


A Calm ......between the Storms

Overnight low temperatures had certainly brought about a change in the colour of the Bracken.

The Meteorological Office predicted that after the first wave from Gonzalo we would have a period of calm, may be a couple of hours and possibly with some sunshine, prior to the second battering of gales and rain…..and they were spot on. 166 more words


Americans Believe Inequality Is The World's Greatest Threat. Other Countries Think Differently

Surveyors from the Pew Research Center asked thousands of participants in more than 40 countries to select what posed the “greatest threat to the world” out of five possible options. 97 more words