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My Upcoming Adventure

It’s official! I’ve been named a Ted Scripps Fellow in Environmental Journalism. I’ll be in Boulder, Colorado, reporting on the growth of small-scale sustainable farms in the American west and their role in transforming domestic food systems.  16 more words

My Writing

Lover of Nature


I walk out my back door and into the wondrous magnificence of nature

Where it’s possible to dream and admire

Under the snow globe atmosphere. 152 more words

Quote of the day

me: you shouldn’t let your car idle. it’s bad for the environment.

boss: get fucking bent, sweetheart.


Comparing Countries

Valencia is always alive with activity.  As a newcomer with interests in the environment, I find that Valencia stands out in comparison to my region of the United States. 471 more words


Introducing: Andy Hughes

Artist Profile | Andy Hughes (b.1966) | www.andyhughes.net

Andy Hughes has been exploring aspects of collisions between our increasingly packaged lifestyles and the resulting flow of waste matter. 181 more words

Norm Rogers exposes the silly Risky Business project

3 supposedly smart men, Bloomberg, Steyer and Paulsen running around talking warming.

Climate Change

Fracking Ban in Mora County, New Mexico May be Model for Other Communities

In April 2013, John Olívas led the charge to make his county of Mora, New Mexico the first in the U.S. to permanently ban corporations from fracking within its borders. 265 more words