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CBD reveals anti-human underpinnings

A very interesting letter appeared in the Los Angeles Times today. If there was any doubt about environmental groups being anti-human let it be laid to rest with this. 209 more words

Ecological catastrophes: apparently it's partly Descartes's fault

It has been bothering me for a very long time, a certain set of beliefs about the world and how to best understand it, a set of beliefs that are typically connected with concepts like “science” and “being rational;” and one of those is the (assumed) inferiority of animals coupled with the belief that they don’t think or feel like we humans do. 1,251 more words

Land And Land Spirits

#4Liters Pre-Game

Gallon jug of water? Check. 48oz nalgene water bottle that tells me exactly how much 1000mL is? check.

That’s it. That’s my pre-game.

Like I said, I wasn’t going to be going out of my way to change anything that I do– I want to try and live as normal of a day-to-day life as possible while only consuming a gallon of water every 24 hours. 305 more words

Zero Waste

The Lure of Growth

There is a mantra which pervades society that everything must grow, people must update their systems, get the newest device, adopt the latest fashion, etc … Business spends vast amounts of money on advertising. 1,561 more words