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The great cost of energy efficient building codes

Koirala, Bohara and Berrens (2014) found that requiring energy efficiency building codes raises housing prices but they then attempted to find out if this price rise is offset by reductions in household energy expenditures down the road. 49 more words

Environmental Economics

A Sophie's Choice Moment For One Environment, Two Species And No Solomon In Sight

You can read about this in a major media outlet, but try another approach for this story. Local journalism is alive and well, and covering complex, important topics… 661 more words


Mel Packer: Coal Miners Are Mad...and Scared. And they have a right to be.

In 1968, the Mannington Mine in Farmington WV owned by Consol Coal, caught fire, blew up, and 78 miners were buried, many likely alive.

In 1972, a Consol mine in Blacksville, WV, caught fire and 9 miners were buried (again, likely alive) when Consol sealed the mine off to stop the fire and save the coal. 998 more words

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Hopeful Friday # 2

Today I’m featuring as my humanitarian project one of the finalists from the 2014 Water and Food Awards, the Milwaukee, USA -based Growing Power… 156 more words


Deck Chairs

I write a radio show. I write it once a week to be broadcast on Wednesday at three in the afternoon. Each week I write it on a different broad and unexciting environmental topic. 1,322 more words

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Thank You, General Mills

I came across this article on Grist.com about General Mills’s new action plan to reduce their contribution to climate change. After being called out by Oxfam International,  Oxfam says that General Mills will be, “the first major food and beverage company to promise to implement long-term science-based targets to cut emissions.” 503 more words

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