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Little Environments - Farm Hut - W.I.P

The above images are the work in progress images for my current short term project – Little Environments – Farm Hut.


A space adventure with Matty and Kat

A project that I had initially thought up several years ago. It changed from a short film to an interactive book, to a game in a few short years. 97 more words


3D Fantasy Bavaria

Image 1:  The Statue looks away from the town offering the outside world silk.
The statue says: “Drømde mik en drøm i nat; um silki ok ærlik pæl” or in English “I dreamt a dream last night; of silk and fine fur” it can also mean “justice and fair play” so the village is offering justice and fair play to the rest of the world.

Image 2: The village is based off a typically old village in Bavaria. The largest middle building is The Forty Kings tavern where everyone meets and travelers can find comfortable beds. The black smith is next door to it with a warm forge and plenty of water, hay and metal.

Image 3: Inside the The Forty Kings tavern is warm all year round thanks to the fireplace near the bar. The lettering on the bottles all are real world Futhark words. The yellow like bottle on the left says “Honey Drink” the green bottle in the middles says “Red Wine” and the other green bottle on the right says “Drinking Wine” in Danish/Futhark.

Explore 3D models with Sketchfab. Links below:


And Everything There Glowed

Did this for Riak the other day. Sort of a summary of the area I refer to as “Blue Spoon” – named after its largest city. 42 more words


My TortoiseSVN icon overlays have disappeared

For no obvious reason, the file icon overlays used by TortoiseSVN have disappeared from Windows Explorer on my PC today. This is very odd as I’ve never had this problem before and, as far as I’m aware, nothing has changed in the past few days. 207 more words