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Bumble Rumble Game - 48 hour challenge

The following are screenshot created with Studio Blimp members: Sean Warton, Alex Driml, Andy Stein and Ben Osborn 9 more words


Hand painted textures

The following was a project to create hand painted textures for environments. All textures are tileable in the X and Y axis. Texture are 512X512 pixels.


How Research is Informing Classroom Design


Hello everyone,

After learning about the history of classrooms in the Schratzenstaller (2010) reading, it’s a relief to know action is finally happening to change the nature of the classroom environment after relatively little change for over 150 years. 300 more words


Who will go to Heaven?

If there’s heaven, all good souls will go there…and note that I didn’t say “good people”, I said “good souls”…
When Christian kids are born, they look exactly identical to those of Russians’, they got similar behavior as those of Indians’, they cry the same as American kids, they grow at the same rate as those of Muslims, and they breath OXYGEN as Hindu kids do… 104 more words


World Building: Wild Kratts Style

So as I mentioned on the about page, from time to time I’ll blog/reblog about worldbuilding. I figure since I am currently worldbuilding the setting for my… 665 more words

Arcane Realm

I'm not an environmentalist but I might not fly planes.

Because I’m not an environmentalist, a revelation I had the other day surprised me greatly. The revelation is, maybe I shouldn’t fly in planes anymore.  291 more words

Working, studying and getting ready for an epic last third of the year

As usual, here I am posting a long update on how things are going.

I’d like to start this post mentioning early in June I went to… 681 more words