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5th Grade Looking Glass (Drawing, Painting, and More)

5th Grade Students ROCKED our last unit!  I’m really focusing on using the Creative Process with them so for this unit I created two prompts to get them thinking and then let them control the outcome. 341 more words


This Is A Midnight Cry: The Invitation of Joy

I woke up to a song playing on the television that I have heard over the years and the words, “The Midnight Cry ” The singer kept repeating the phrase that “the dead in Christ will rise.” I smiled and checked the time and saw that it was 12:30 am so I said to my self , this song is for you  to proclaim the Good news that you proclaim daily. 106 more words

Inspired Gratitude

Life is What We Make of It

IT’S ABSOLUTELY TRUE. One thing that I have experienced in my life first hand is you get what you put out in the world and if it’s love, love you will receive. 1,184 more words


Technical documentation terms

Production (pronoun) or production environment (production modifies environment)–never Production environment unless starting a sentence.


Bending the Walls

Now that my graduate classes have ended for the semester, I’m ready to hunker down for the winter. It’s been so much writing, but I’m happy I got through it all with a smile on my face. 176 more words


Water in our daily lives

Water – What’s your role?

Water plays a part in every aspect of our daily lives. We drink it, wash in it, cook with it, keep our clothes and homes clean and water our gardens with it. 361 more words

New-Build Housing

Perfect Families. Beware of the lies! Today's pick of the day.

It’s the season when Christmas cards start arriving daily.  Most look for the best pictures that project the right image of the family. For obvious reasons we choose that one photo that brings us closest to at least looking like that perfect family. 446 more words

Christian Faith