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The trouble with capturing butterflies

Unburden this mind and set this heart free like a rainstorm brewing for days and days emotions released from the sky to touch every space that can possibly be touched by such a substantially insubstantial thing let it sing like a songbird in spring let it be perpetually growing like a weed or a river flowing downstream let this thing be free because if u don’t…it will surely die


Der bekannteste Fotograf Italiens

Er war der bekannteste Fotograf Italiens. Er begründete die älteste Schule der Fotografie des Stiefels. Sein Adelstitel sorgte schon früh für Aufsehen in der Szene. Er war schließlich der Foto-Graf aus der ewigen Stadt. 28 more words


Self effacing habits form in the depths of my mind limiting the potential of its brilliance
Determined to serve another I wonder when that has become a part of me… 213 more words


44. Bologna // Modena // Italy

Bologna is home to Italy’s rustic culinary contributions, namely ragu (bolognese), tortellini, lasagne and mortadella. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to arrive and eat ourselves into a food coma before departing Italy for our second visit to Ireland. 2,402 more words

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Ferrari F40, Enzo & F50

Neverending legends
Photo of Ferrari F40, Enzo & F50 by: VVDG Car-Photography

Sport Cars

Sweet heart's lament

A sweet heart’s lament is as momentous as the sea
Stirring to an epic swell
the seas rolling tides threaten to swallow the sun
(An ambitious mission indeed) 184 more words


A little love story

I once met a man who was broken
Who believed that this word was a token
For it doesn’t last, define by his past
And the tears on his cheek that had soaken… 59 more words