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To recharge your batteries

To recharge your batteries is a common idiom used to describe the process of a person resting in order to get their energy and strength back. 106 more words


WRITING CHALLENGE : Funny Text Messages

Why is it that I don’t understand at least 50% of the text messages I receive?I wonder is it because people use code like this: LOL, F2F, GMBO, HTH, or perhaps I’m never exactly sure what all the little emotion images mean. 67 more words


WRITING CHALLENGE : Trusting Technology -The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ridiculous

The editor of a newspaper is asking readers to write an article about their experiences of technology when they have gone wrong. If you have had any problems with technology, then… 282 more words


WRITING CHALLENGE : Marketing Technology

Write an advert for your favourite piece of technology: Explain: What it does, why it’s fantastic, how much it costs and why it’s a must buy for any sane person. 140 more words


SPEAKING CHALLENGE : Interview: Technology and the Internet

Imagine you are being interviewed by a reporter for a Technology Magazine. Can you answer the following questions with more words than: yes or no? 148 more words


SPEAKING CHALLENGE : Technological and Electrical Devices

Here are some pictures that show different electrical and technological devices.

  • First talk about how these things can improve our lives.
  • Then decide which 2 you think are the most useful.
  • 13 more words

SPEAKING CHALLENGE : Fancy Dress and Technology

Imagine you are going to a fancy dress party and you have been asked to wear a costume which represents an outdated piece of technology that you have fond memories of. 197 more words