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Maria Walberg, finanspolitisk rådgiver på Stortinget for Ap, skrev i Klassekampen onsdag 12.nov under vignetten “Kron og mynt” om endringene i arbeidsorganiseringa i norsk industri. Under tittelen “Industriens veivalg” advarer hun spesielt mot regjeringas politikk som legger opp til å gjenta byggebransjens feiltrinn. 332 more words


The issue of identity (II), Nationalism & Separatism


This article will discuss the concrete and practical issues regarding identities. In the last article, as you may remember, we searched for a definition of identities, and how we can define identities as institutional projects which people keep alive by active and passive participation. 2,400 more words


The Game Is On

Ida Ernis was at the tavern – like a good deal of her nights. Gregory was of course at her side, and a few of their friends were gathered around, enjoying themselves. 499 more words

Royal Kingdom Challenge

Passing Friends

Anne Reddirn on that day was visiting her friend Cecily, another merchant of the town. She had known Cecily for a long time, since her marriage, but she was worried about her now. 524 more words

Royal Kingdom Challenge