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Agent Carter Kicks off with a Stellar Start

The following contains spoilers for Agent Carter episodes 1 and 2. 

Last night Marvel’s Agent Carter premiered on ABC in a two episode special. While other live adaptations of graphic novels have a rocky start or at least have wrinkles to iron out,  770 more words


'Human Condition 2' Episode 1-3 (20150103)

Living with minimal conveniences and having to make do with whatever is at hand must be especially difficult for those who have always led an easy life and take everything for granted. 824 more words
Yoon Sang Hyun

'Human Condition 2' Episode 1-2 (20150103)

To watch other parts of Episode 1 of ‘Human Condition 2′

Nationwide ratings (Nielsen) @ 6.4% for the 1st episode of ‘Human Condition 2′ broadcast on 3rd January 2015. 428 more words
Yoon Sang Hyun

'Human Condition 2' Episode 1-1 (20150103)

To watch parts of episode 1 of the ‘Human Condition 2′ on KBS2:
First time we get a look inside Sang Hyun’s neat bachelor pad which must be the one he’s staying in Geumho. 149 more words
Yoon Sang Hyun



Banannaise is one the most delicious things you’ve ever heard about.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you are right now.

Ep. 1

Crestwood and the Indian Anternet


This call finds Crestwood high above the ground in the canopies of old India itself. Or inside a robot in Japan. Or both, simultaneously. One is never quite sure.

Ep. 1

Donny Dojo's Tip Of The Day: Throat Strike


He’s the #1 ass-kicker in American, and he’s about to teach you how not to be a pussy, it’s Joey “Donny Dojo” Scheroeda!

Today’s Tip: … 14 more words

Ep. 1