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Homeland 'Shalwar Kameez' (Season 4, Ep 3) recap

Homeland: Spy Mom is ditching the ‘spy’ and the ‘mom’ in favour of ‘twisted love story’. Read what I think about that here.

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Secret Door Ep 3: One Man's Poison is Another Man's...

People say I’m ruthless. I am not ruthless.
And if I find the man who is calling me ruthless,
I shall destroy him

- Robert Kennedy…

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Spring Day of My Life Ep 3: The Girl is Mine

Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire
My love is blind, Can’t you see my desire?
That’s the way love goes

- Janet Jackson “That’s The Way Love Goes” …
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The Three Musketeers Ep3: Phantom from the Past

This country will be on the brink of another war. There is No one who knows how to defend this nation. What will you do?

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