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Ordinary, Yet Extraordinary Collectibles

The bit of a travel ticket got caught in the zipper of the handbag. While I tried to pull it out, the side with the date printed fell apart. 259 more words

View Point

Singkat Soal Sendu

Ada sejumlah malam yang bergerak terlara-lara. Seorang penulis lekas mengambil penanya. Ia melukiskan segalanya dalam tulisan, dipeluki melodi sastra. Perumpamaan dan kiasan tak henti mendendangkan imaji-imaji sendu. 154 more words


Ever increasing circles

Mesmerised, my eye barely focuses on the pane
The other side
Rain falling on a puddle, overlapping, racing, the venn
Each with a bow wave, pushing, intercepting one another… 15 more words


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Much as I hat the creeping Americanisation of the United Kingdom, I’m not adverse to making a few quid out of it. 158 more words

For Sale

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - Paris 1960

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Place de Fontenoy, Paris

Monthly Bulletin on Scientific Documentation and Terminology
May 15, 1960

List of Contents:
1. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Processing… 158 more words

Books 1900-present

Mud Is Part Of The Story

at Parkgate service ramblers ask
“if mudguards have gone
out of fashion?”
“It isn’t that muddy
out there,” I reply,
“it’s too early to make the bike… 68 more words