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The Great War Remembered

With the centennial anniversary of the commencement of the Great War, World War I, occurring yesterday perhaps Americans will become more conscious of the commemoration that has been underway in Europe for some time. 590 more words


TMT: "I now declare this bridge open!"

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time, a series that was begun here. It will be a special record in this ongoing mini-memoir of mine. 905 more words


There's a beauty out there, you just gotta know where

London is a vast and varied place but I tend to stick to the bits I know – The South Bank, Soho and Covent Garden, every now and again Shepherds Bush and Greenwich.   526 more words


Ilford High Road.

Exactly how this photograph made its way up to Lincolnshire from Ilford we will probably never know, but on the reverse is written “Alf & Billie, 1920″, so presumably it was either delivered to them by hand or in a letter that the photograph has long since been parted from. 83 more words


Other than lettering

There are times when lettering is not enough, when a stone beckons with another voice. So it was with this piece created slowly over the past three months. 101 more words


Skills, interests, and ephemera.

I’m a speech and dialect coach and have mastered over nineteen different dialects

LGBTQ rights activist,

I have a moustache.

I’m a nature-arts sculptor, this essentially means that I take things that mother nature has discarded and I make beautiful art out of it. 122 more words