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Biscuit conversation

It all started with a custard cream.

They are, clearly, the epitome of biscuity indulgence. Two sweetly crunchy – but not too crunchy – layers; pale yet tasty, like a Swedish beach volleyballer at the start of the season, they dreamily sandwich the cream, that moreishly off yellow enticingly soft yet strangely brittle layer of vanillary squishy goodness.   576 more words


Paper Shadows

When I found the hand shadow trade card for Salem furrier T.N. Covell below I thought I had stumbled onto something unique, but it turns out that… 126 more words


AD: Allan Holdsworth for Carvin

Allan Holdsworth displays one of his typical arthritis enhancing chord voicings in this ad for his own Carvin Custom Shop models, the HF1 and HF2 “Fatboy.” This piece dates to 2000, making it contemporaneous with the album The Sixteen Men of Tain.  10 more words


And so it all begins... Notes from Northamptonshire Records Office

Northamptonshire Records Office is the obvious destination when researching local history, earlier this year Lynn Scarsbrook used the NRO resources to research the WW1 years and unearthed some surprising archives.. 146 more words



Banks are financial institutions. Serving a purpose in our economic infrastructure that involve withdrawals, deposits, loans, investment, and exchanges of currency. Yes, like just about everyone else, I hate them, too. 651 more words