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Fais dodo

Fais dodo

Ma petite lapine

Ohé, ferme tes yeux

Demain tout ira mieux

Tu verras ma petite coquine

Fais dodo

Mixed media collage…trying something different. 27 more words


Beautiful historical photographs

These photos, from Imperial Russia around 1910, are amazing. It’s easy to assume the past happened in black and white, but the portraits these show are so vivid and informative.


[poem] Peregrination

Hello, stranger.


We are nighthawks,
reaching across our lonely oceans
of Ones and Zeroes
to friends whose faces are unfamiliar;
whose names we will never pronounce. 115 more words


[poem] Tom Hansen (Word Vomit)

So people tell me to get out more. Here’s a hypothetical poem about what would happen if I try.


In the end, I am not Summer Finn.
 125 more words


Art Every Day Month - Day 22

Okay, it’s Day 5 of Jenniebellie’s  (7 art journal pages in 7 days)  challenge.  I’m officially getting tired of working on the same seven pages every day.  308 more words

Denise Huntington


Things That I Need To Have Pictures Of And Establish On The Blog:

- Gala Dress #1 and #2
- NYE Dress #1 and impending sketches for this year… 14 more words


Conspiracy Eats Itself

Conspiracies rely upon the unknown… where there is no paper trail, recorded voices, or first hand accounts, conspiracies thrive.  Nothing brings out distrust more than secrecy, regardless of its motivation.  227 more words