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8 Steps to Leading & Loving Your Wife Well

Last Friday I was fly fishing Marble Creek just outside of Saint Maries, ID. It was a great day, sun was out, there was a slight breeze, it was truly one of those ‘life is good’ moments. 887 more words


Paul, the Mysogynist?

by Elizabeth

While this tends to be a faith-walk type of blog, and not a theology blog, I’d be a fool not to admit that some of my… 1,524 more words


Problem Passages: Ephesians 5:23

This post is a part of the series comparing the teaching on various gender passages in the Bible. Read more about the series here. 1,568 more words


Live Forever or Die in the Attempt

Earlier this month I was having a discussion with my sister about my fear of heights. She had little sympathy for me because she’s done crazy stuff like sky dive and told me I ought to “live” a little and try it. 608 more words

Bible Reflections

Series overview - Understanding the Bible's teachings on same-gender sexual activity

In the midst of massive cultural shifts in recent decades Christians have begun to revisit the question of God’s perspective on same-gender sexual activity, especially sexual behavior within committed long-term same-gender relationships. 1,057 more words

New Testament

Husbands, Lead in Love


Husbands and Men Seeking Wives,

First, I address this to “men seeking wives” because if you are a boy, you should not be seeking a wife, and if you are just dating around “for fun” then you are not a man, nor are you seeking a wife.   856 more words


The Marriage Like-List

Marriage need not be so complex that we require books and deep psychology to receive guidance. It can be as easy as simple actions which support powerful Biblical principles. 788 more words

Abundant Living