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Making a list - Checking it twice :)

Well yesterday and today has been a kind of epiphany.  I realised that I kind of fucked the relationship.  Thought he was too good for me in the beginning so I manifested the events that made him see me like that.  302 more words


Creative Heuristics #5: The Neuroscience of Epiphanies

   Epiphanies—also sometimes called eureka or “aha! moments”—are those flashes of insight that are often part of the creative process. As discussed before, they tend to come… 1,038 more words


Make It Happen

Australia is the land of epiphanies for me. It may be because I am so out of my element or whatever else, but I’ve been able to figure so much about myself and my life this couple of months that I’ve been here. 315 more words


Fit for a Princess!

With a few princess-related projects under my belt already, I was able to design these 6 Project Life cards with a few more playful ideas in mind. 334 more words


Creative Heuristics #4: Codifying Creativity

 I know what you might be thinking: “Codifying creativity—isn’t that oxymoronic?” And to some degree perhaps yes. But attempting to establish a methodical framework should not be considered the antithesis of creativity. 496 more words