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The Utility of Loss

I learn something new about every 10 minutes these days. But when we covered Prospect Theory last week, I had a real Epiphany.

The chapter discussed irrational decision making (I’m kind of an expert), and examined the underlying reasoning, which turns out to be shockingly simple. 199 more words

Falling into The Groove

Like snapshots, throughout the history of the old energy there have been shining examples of what would be commonplace in the New Energy. Here a Mozart, there an Einstein … a Michaelangelo, a Pythagorus, a Da Vinci, a Tesla, each illustrating the genius that is our normal state when we Know Who we Are. 817 more words



For years and years I’ve been planning to study or live abroad at some point in the near future. But it’s these Sunday’s, the Sunday’s where my whole family comes together for the afternoon at my Nans house and we just chat and eat, that I second guess that plan. 188 more words

My Thoughts On Thing

Creative Heuristics #3: Getting in the Mood with Good “Creative Hygiene”

  There are certain states of mind and mood that increase our ability to solve problems using insight, be they Aha! moments or more deliberate attempts at being creative. 855 more words


Getting your wake up call! Relationship epiphanies..

For a lot of people, these are basically your “enough” moments. Often you don’t think you have a limit when your in at the time, especially when your used to having little or no boundaries, but then you find yourself experiencing something even more crazier than the previous times that suddenly makes you say “hold up this is just crazy” and it starts to make you behave differently to how you have in the past. 559 more words


Aligning my cha-cha-chakras

I do yoga every Wednesday.  If you’ve ever watched a walrus do yoga, you already have a mental picture of just how bad this is in your minds eye.   154 more words

WODs And PRs

Creative Heuristics #1: Creative Archetypes and The Beyonders

“One of the most powerful wellsprings of creative energy, outstanding accomplishment and self-fulfillment seems to be falling in love with something— your dream, your image of the future.” … 523 more words