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An open Letter to My Sons Father:

To the Father of my Sons,

I’m writing this not only to forgive you, but to forgive myself. I was told many years ago, that sometimes in order to heal from hurt, you have to write a letter to the persons that may have hurt you, ask for forgiveness and move on. 590 more words


Players VS Queers

Got this thought as found out the guy I hung out with several times, turns out is a gay. I thought I could guess easily either a guy is gay or not. 255 more words


Interesting Things I'm Gonna Do

Here the list things I must should do if I hit the big city again:

  • MMA
  • Harmonica Class
  • Dance (Salsa/Tango)

PS: I’m thinking to get read of any evidence from this blog as It could give me shit one day.



Last night I had an epiphany while driving and I wanted to share it.

Here’s what I realized:  Eliminating those things in life that bring me comfort–things that are not God–will most certainly lead me to… 334 more words


I am an emotional wreck. Unfortunately, that goes hand in hand with nostalgia and sadness. Why? Many reasons, but none of them are good arguments to explain my sadness. 312 more words


9 Things Yesterday's Events Taught Me

Here are a few things that yesterday’s shenanigans taught me:

1. Double check your work. Please. You’ll avoid having to do twice maybe even thrice as much work. 107 more words