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Discovering new music - Billy Vincent

Billy Vincent


I’m not exactly sure how I discovered this highly original band, all I know is that I followed an Internet link and it led me to the Soundcloud page of Irresponsible Recordings where my ears first experienced the epic… 130 more words


White Mountain Peak Ride - Silver Canyon to the Summit

Yahoo, it’s done.  Check that biznatch off the list.  This was one of those “once in a lifetime” rides.  Doing it once in this lifetime was plenty for me.   2,364 more words

Favorite Rides

Monarch Crest... SO EPIC!

This little adventure all started waking up in the back of a 2006 Malibu Maxx hatchback. A beautiful woman, a “I lay where I want” dog, and I were just fine waking up in a Walmart parking lot in possibly my new favorite town of Salida. 803 more words


A Countdown Pilgrimage

In 2007, I watched Mikey Lear winning games of Countdown on TV. This was about half a year after I had been on the show myself. 1,141 more words

Work-Contests: Two Passages from the Odyssey about Manual Labor

A repeated motif in the Odyssey is Odysseus’ ability to do manual labor, often marked out in contrast with the suitors who just lay about consuming another man’s wealth.  299 more words


Day 1 Brolly - Ghost Town

Hold onto your hats everyone, Year 3 on mydaybydaymusic starts NOW.

I’m not sure if I totally agree with Brolly being described by The Huffington Post as the “new Coldplay”, however their new single  89 more words


Lungfulls of Bright Air

Joy: Going outside on a clear day after spending hours in a small room.

Prompt: Imagine that, as often happens in Autumn, you are swept up in a grand adventure. 8 more words