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The Epic-(C)rush!

My interest in mythology is not new. I have been fascinated by the Indian Epics – The Mahabharath, and The Ramayan right since my childhood, when my mother and grand mother used to narrate incidents from them. 118 more words


Review - The Last Olympian, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan)

A truly superb book and series, no longer will I think of the Greek Gods in the same way. And yeah I am now a huge fan of Poseidon. 158 more words


750-1200 Mythology, Beowulf, and the Epic

Objective: Students will read and analyze the development of British literature and literature of other cultures. Students will read and analyze a variety of informational materials, including electronic resources. 799 more words


Novan Dictum Command Centre

Over the Christmas break I took some time to update my spreadsheet inventory of my Imperial Guard miniatures because I bought so many of them last year (and this year, oops!) I was a bit lost with which models I was intending to use with which army. 460 more words

The Struggle with the Journey

So, before actually writing in this little box, the text reads, “what are you up to?” Well, to be completely honest, writing is a struggle right now. 418 more words

Lindsay_Eric's engagement

Lindsay always had a vision of what she wanted for her engagement session look like, always know that to include the truck built with her daddy who is already passed away. 65 more words

Fine Art