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Stoic Week 2014: Friday

I have never really cared much about Black Friday (or, as it has now become, Black November). I’ve always hated crowds, and shopping has never been my thing. 608 more words


The Stoic 1: Introduction

What’s the most important and useful aspect of your life? What’s the thing that helps you not only to be effective but also to be content? 535 more words


Force Majeure

I was in a friend’s minivan last Friday evening as the lamplights flickered on above the graying snow that packed the curbs.  We were running errands as he prepared to leave for a week-long Thanksgiving vacation with his family.   1,538 more words


Stoic Week begins Monday, November 24

Stoic Week 2014 is an online and international event taking place from Monday, November 24, to Sunday, November 30. This is its third year. Anyone can participate by following the daily instructions in the… 55 more words

E3: What Makes A Good Person Good?

Another 40 Days and 40 Nights--#2/40--Progress reports

It is my great pleasure to teach Logic and Rhetoric to middle schoolers in a unique and wonder-filled private school.  And, yes, you just read that correctly: middle schoolers learning classical Logic and Rhetoric. 358 more words

Two Ears, One Mouth

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”


I’m guessing many of you have heard this quote or some variation thereof, and yet an occasional reminder never hurts — especially when you are in a leadership position where people are looking to you to be the one to speak … about the vision … strategy … goals and expectations … waiting for guidance from you to plan their next action. 365 more words


Stoicism, Providence and Modern Unbelief

The philosophy of Stoicism argues that humans ought to only concern themselves with things that are under their control. In the Stoic tradition the things that are considered to be under our control are actions, dispositions, and feelings. 1,259 more words