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Another 40 Days and 40 Nights--#2/40--Progress reports

It is my great pleasure to teach Logic and Rhetoric to middle schoolers in a unique and wonder-filled private school.  And, yes, you just read that correctly: middle schoolers learning classical Logic and Rhetoric. 358 more words

Two Ears, One Mouth

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”


I’m guessing many of you have heard this quote or some variation thereof, and yet an occasional reminder never hurts — especially when you are in a leadership position where people are looking to you to be the one to speak … about the vision … strategy … goals and expectations … waiting for guidance from you to plan their next action. 365 more words


Stoicism, Providence and Modern Unbelief

The philosophy of Stoicism argues that humans ought to only concern themselves with things that are under their control. In the Stoic tradition the things that are considered to be under our control are actions, dispositions, and feelings. 1,259 more words


#Fridayfive: #Foxcatcher, The Meters, #Florsheim Chukkas, Hypnosis, and Epictetus

Here’s 5 things I’ve been digging this week.

1. The Meters:  Don’t know why, but the fall weather gets me in the mood for funky music.   154 more words


Life Lessons From A 2000 Year Old Greek Guy You've Never Heard Of

Thank God for bookstores!   I would have never picked up Epictetus’s The Art of Living if I didn’t see it on the “Employee Pics” section of my local… 274 more words


Thankful Thursday: 3 Gifts Out My Window

3 Gifts Out My Window….

1.  I’m thankful that I’m on the inside, looking out my window at the car wash. I love knowing that I can get my little bug all clean and shiny without me even getting out of the car to get the job done! 248 more words


Spiritual Exercise Concerning a Better Future

At the beginning of Enchiridion, philosopher and former slave Epictetus discusses happiness and freedom, and instructs how they are to be obtained. One recommendation is for unpleasant appearances to be confronted: “You are but an appearance, and not absolutely the thing you appear to be.” This is not an exercise in ontology, instead for managing appearances. 122 more words

Raoul Vaneigem