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Testicular pain and swelling causes

At times the testicle can get infected and cause pain. This condition is called Epididymitis and common in men 18 years of age and older. Gonorrhea or chlamydia, two sexually transmitted diseases, may also cause this condition. 178 more words

How Does Epididymitis Cause Male Infertility, do you know?


If there is inflammation in epididymis, it is easy to cause epididymitis. Epididymitis can affect the generation of sperm. In addition, it can also reduce the activity of sperm then cause As-permia and necrospermia.  184 more words

The TCM therapy for seminal vesiculitis

And the male reproductive system are closely linked, if infected seminal vesicle inflammation, then it is easily spread to other tissues, which can cause prostatitis , … 222 more words

Recurrent UTI can lead to epididymitis orchitis

Epididymitis orchitis is an inflammation of one or both testes along with the epididymis, a structure that stores and matures sperm. This condition is usually the result of an existing infection in the urinary tract or around the genitals, although it can sometimes be a surgical complication. 233 more words


This was a 9-year-old boy , who was referred for evaluation of  acute right scrotal pain of 2 days onset. He had mild right scrotal swelling and severe pain . 123 more words

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