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Countdown Is On

Sorry for being so distant. It’s not you it’s me. My thoughts lately have been so scrambled that trying to write them down seemed like a daunting task. 193 more words

Young Female With Cancer

An Open Letter to Tommy

Hey you, I just wanted to give you a heads up on how I handle my labor pains, certain situations and preparations; based on how I dealt with them with munchkin and other people. 547 more words


My Birth Story (Almost a Full Year Later)

Let me preface this post by saying that it is posted as a story and not a lecture. Personally, I do not care how you delivered, where you delivered, with whose help, with or without what medical help. 2,540 more words

Those monumental 60 hours!

My birth story is not an easy thing to tell and a little bit unnerving to recall (especially as it could put back the thought of trying for number 2 even further).   1,233 more words


Why My Obstetrician Meant So Much To Me

I just found out that the doctor who delivered my two children passed away this year and I’m unbelievably sad. I’ve been thinking  a lot about Dr. 976 more words

Great Memories

My Labor and Delivery Story

I’ve taken quite a break from this blog, haven’t I? My apologies. Life got rather crazy there for a while. This post isn’t going to be me making excuses, though. 653 more words

Guest Post on Professor Parenting!

Today’s post is via Professor Parenting, a humorous AND educational blog written by one of my favorite people. Please check out what I think about the judgements pregnant women face, and when you’re done please like Brandi on… 21 more words