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Screw the Holistic Approach

Hello Readers,

My husband (Alix) and I came up with the title for this post a couple of days ago. I find myself sitting in the coffee shop again while Alix at work and my daughter is in the Intensive Care Unit. 1,702 more words



Miicah violet arrived on the 8th September 2014 at 3.54am via emergency c section after 100 hours of labour!!!!!

So…. Labour sucks massive balls. I call bullshit on anyone who says it was a magical experience and even more so on those who enjoyed it. 1,265 more words

Why a C-section doesn’t make you less of a woman/mother

I often hear women say that they feel like less of a mother or that they don’t feel like they have ‘given birth’ because they had a c-section birth and didn’t go through labour. 866 more words

Labour...HOLY CRAP!

As you may know from my last post, I spent 29 hours in labour with my son…and let me tell you it was worse than they said it would be! 1,718 more words

Random Thoughts

How I Dare Refused a C-section

Original post transferred from 11/29/2013

Its been 8 years since I was giving birth to my first son. There I was holding off on the epidural as much as possible. 1,042 more words

Avoid C-section

Making peace with my epidural

This month marks the first installment of my new column in the Portland-area family magazine Metro Parent. I figured I should start at the beginning, so I wrote a little about Peeper’s birth story. 107 more words

Medication During Birth

Birthing my babies is probably one of my favorite things to talk about (as you’ll notice in D1’s birth story, as well as D2’s… 1,167 more words

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