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No Labor but Lots of Delivery

I made my last visit to my MFM doctor on 1/27. I wasn’t feeling good the whole night and decided to bring my hospital bag with me. 372 more words

The Everyday...

To section or not to section, that is the question!

The last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about how our twins will be born… Natural or section? So many questions, so many worries… And, who knows, the decision maybe made for me. 931 more words


A little bit of God's grace

I’m holding this sweet little 10 lb 3 oz girl, who was born almost 3 weeks ago to a momma who was in need of a sweet and simple birth experience. Watch for the upcoming story!


Get an epidural!

That is the one piece of advice that kept being tossed my way when I announced my pregnancy. Even from women who had only birthed once, which I found weird. 949 more words

A Birth Plan

I am totally not going to tell you whether or not you should write a birth plan. ¬†With my first baby, and rolling suitcase when entering the hospital (oh yes- I did… 620 more words

New Mommy

14th Anniversary of my first Labor Day

You are probably wondering what country I could be living in if today is the anniversary of my Labor Day. It’s the good ole USA! I have 4 Labor Days. 1,521 more words

My second son

At first, I sang through the pain.

By the end, I’d given up on singing. I was screaming, sobbing, and cursing, taking some comfort in knowing each surge of pain moved me closer to meeting my second child. 576 more words