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The Finish Line in Sight

For those who have been through this journey I don’t have to tell you how it goes, what you’re going to experience, or how you’re going to feel. 2,364 more words

Baby Girl

Sisterhood of the Postpartum Mommies.

For over 20 years, I have been helping new moms through pregnancy, birth and postpartum as a doula, childbirth educator and nurse. I take great pride in being an expert in my field but I have to tell you something: not even an expert like me can prepare a woman for the emotional frigging chaos that she is going to experience during this time in her life. 543 more words


Injections for Back Pain

Some back pain sufferer’s benefit from steroid injections. Doctors also use these injections to help determine where the pain originates. Those who will benefit most from injections are spinal stenosis and radiculopathy sufferers. 321 more words

Pain Management

Lauren, Undiagnosed Bio

Hello. my name is Lauren. I am currently being tested for Cushing’s and am scared.

I have hypothyroidism/ Hashimoto’ s auto immune disease. Also my sugar is pre-diabetic. 179 more words


C sections and bus rides

Yesterday was my birthday and I woke up to an email in my inbox from my mom. I opened it and saw it was a couple pages long and got a little scared because what could this all be about?! 728 more words

Shandi's Posts

34 weeks

Well, 34 weeks is certainly a far cry from 33 weeks, let alone the rest of the pregnancy. This is probably the first week I’ve felt a little uncomfortable in my own skin. 476 more words


Ready to Pop!

They say that your second baby comes out faster than the first, labor is easier because you don’t push as long (if you are not getting a c-section of course). 852 more words