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13 Weeks

The end is near! The end of the first trimester, anyway. I know lots of people count it as 12 weeks, but I am counting the end of the first trimester as the day I hit 14 weeks. 912 more words


The Day of Birth

So this post is drafted a few days after the birth of my little one, but I had no time to edit and post, But here it is! 1,376 more words

Why The New Labor Epidural Guidelines Are Too Good to be True

NewsFlash! A laboring mother can get an epidural whenever she wants! Heck, she doesn’t even need to be in labor to qualify for one.

WHAAAAAT? That sounds wrong. 564 more words


Dads and Labour

My partner can at times be a man of few words, but I managed to get him to share some thoughts on what it was like experiencing labour for the first time when we had Tilly last year. 753 more words


Pain, Some More Pain, Even MORE Pain, And Some Pushing... Baby Yousef Has Arrived!

Guess what!? I’m back… Yes I know ive said this a thousand times before! But trust me this time it’s for real… I missed blogging like I missed drinking unlimited quantities of Pepsi Max during my pregnancy! 1,710 more words


Who Am I?

Hi everyone,

My name is Tia and I’m a fun-loving, 30-something year old woman that has decided to reclaim my health after a series of unfortunate events! 209 more words