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My Birth Story: Part One

Throughout my pregnancy I had researched birthing techniques for many hours and had written what I thought was, a perfect birth plan. I wanted a water birth after looking at the benefits and discovering the hospital I had chosen did indeed have a large tub. 1,611 more words


Why no epidural?!

Why would anyone choose to labor and give birth without the relief of modern medicine?

Although I’m grateful for modern technology and medicine when it is necessary, here are some of the reasons I chose to go natural. 281 more words

Dixie Rose's Birth Story

I have no words to describe what I feel when I look at my daughter. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she is  2,798 more words

Labor And Postpartum

Transition - from first to second stage labour

Each contraction was stronger than the previous one. I needed to find a comfortable position, but I was struggling – suddenly it seemed as though there was no relief between contractions, and I could barely move. 524 more words


The story of Keira Sage's birth: A natural, unmedicated, first-time mother's story.

Disclaimer: I believe that it is every mother’s right to choose what is best for her labor and delivery.  I also realize that every individual circumstance is uniquely different. 2,088 more words


Could Labor Pain Meds Lower Your Risk of Postpartum Depression?

An epidural might be your secret weapon against postpartum depression.

A Chinese study found that women who received epidural anesthesia during a vaginal delivery had a much lower risk for postpartum depression than women who didn’t. 190 more words


Liam's VBAC Story

Part of the reason I started this new blog was to make it look better. Silly, I know right.. But if I want the blog to reach more women then it needs to be easy find, read, and share! 2,192 more words