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A dessert is a hug that you give to your insides.


“Sentimentality is the enjoyment of emotion for its own sake, a kind of connoisseurship of feelings without the obligation to act on them, the narcissism of the heart.” 7 more words


Strange Signs of Growing Old!

As old age starts to accost me more frequently, it seems that two things are accelerating rapidly – my ear hair and my forehead. I’m sure the body knows what it’s doing but I do wonder what life will throw at me that will necessitate lengthy ear hair and an extended forehead, which could, by the way, comfortably house a couple of solar panels.



by Cam M. Roberts
Behind every kind smile and nod of assent
lies an impasse viler than words can mend —
© CMR, 2014
Cam M. Roberts

Epigram Poems


Epigrams are short satirical poems ending with either a humorous retort or a stinging punchline.
Used mainly as expressions of social criticism or political satire, the most common forms are written as a couplet: a pair of rhymed lines in the same meter. 70 more words

My Creative Self

Old Poem Saturday - Epigram by Pope

Today we went 18th century old poem – an epigram by Alexander Pope. The drawing (ink on paper) of a brush rabbit skull is by my very talented friend Gentani – check out his site… 15 more words

Illustrated Poetry