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A smile

“All it takes is a single smile, that look we long for all the while, it opens our hearts, that telling smile.”

The End of Life

Upon collecting up these million grains
Of sand all that remains
Is to sift them out onto this beach
Again, to cast them out of reach. 18 more words


Red sky

“The mornings sky was a beautiful dark red, alone with my thoughts corrupting this head, do I choose the alternative instead?”


This picture is very real. It’s say SILENCE IS BETTEE THAN BULLISHT !

What do you think about this picture, coment it !!

On Writing Well

Improve your Writing? Nothing to it!
Find an Adverb and eschew it!
And Adjectival abolition
Aids most any Composition!

Widely concurs the Writing Tribe:
It’s better far not to describe; 32 more words


Angels cry?

“When angels cry, is that what we mortals call rain? Why do they cry, is it for our sins? I wonder what happens, why angels cry…”

Writing Prompt Saterday: Write an Epigram

Quite possibly my favorite form of poetry is an epigram. You probably see them all the time, but don’t often recognize them for what they are. 100 more words

Writing Prompt