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Minimalist retrospection of a brooding hermit

Since I was born, I knew I was different, and the world just accepted: what I thought and felt different. Everyday was queer, yet I found sanity in myself. 59 more words


"Avoid the righteous"

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. 195 more words


Teams of One

We shout, speak, whisper in their ears,
But the multitude never hears.

We’re surrounded by countless,
But engulfed by lonesomeness.

Stricken with overpopulation,
Still we take on life in teams of one. 21 more words


E.P. Epigram pour l'Election de Son Sepulchre

“Make it new!” he cried, and then to show it’s
That important, promptly quoted
A dozen lines from a dozen noted
Long-dead poets. 109 more words


Becoming One With Nature

I wandered through a park in the fall,
its vibrant vistas meant to enthrall.
But when I sat, embracing autumn,
a wet park bench would paint my bottom. 17 more words

Poetry Prompts

Heightened Senses

If I could grab what’s on that shelf,
I might improve my sense of self.
But such a plan I’ll have to thwart
because, you see, I’m too darn short. 16 more words

Poetry Prompts

The Fibber's Fate

No matter where he goes, from youth
that Oscar chap won’t tell the truth.
And naught will change when Oscar dies.
Beneath the ground is where he lies. 15 more words

Poetry Prompts