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I'll Have The Fish...But Hold the Fish

GUEST: So I’d like the fish, but with no butter, no salt, no side of rice…can I replace that with the beet salad? Oh, and I’d like no goat’s cheese on the beet salad…what else can I have? 287 more words

Super Natural Hood


A few weeks ago, Lauren and Trent took our granddaughter Eve out for a treat. They went to a bakery and ordered a coconut cookie. They were assured that there were no nuts in the cookie. 290 more words


We Have a Plan and We're Not Afraid to Use It...Not Anymore, Anyway.

In our 5 years of dealing with food allergies, my husband and I have trained a LOT of people on how to follow our action plan and how to give the Epipen or Auvi-Q.   1,125 more words

Food Allergies

The Big Farewell

Of my six months as VP, the last day of school was the busiest day I experienced. After morning bus duty and announcements, the day began with parents waiting to speak with my principal colleague and me about class placements for September. 283 more words

Welcome to Nutty Nut Free Life!

Hello new reader! Thank you for visiting Nutty NUT FREE Life.

If you’ve made it this far, you likely have an interest in food, food allergies…or perhaps you’re just lost?  288 more words

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Not To Make Lite Of People That Suffer With Life-Threatening Food Allergies

I think I’ll pass on food today….and tomorrow doesn’t look good for feasting either. In fact maybe I’ll just wait and see how long I can last before I end up in an infirmary suffering from starvation….or dead. 298 more words


The worst news I've ever received

I have some terrible news to share with you all.

I know I’ve been vocal about my unfortunate dating experiences, so you know I’ve had my heart stepped on once or twice. 1,278 more words