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A bishop speaks, II

The Rt Revd Andrew Dietsche, Bishop of New York, sent a letter by email to the people of the Diocese of New York, explaining his position and actions as a member of the board of the General Theological Seminary. 875 more words



Sermon for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost
October 19, 2014
Matthew 22:15-22

Now, many of you know that I love to play golf. I love being outside, I love the green grass, I love the game – but most of all, I just love to play. 1,197 more words


A bishop speaks

Public statement of the Rt Revd Dr Thomas Breidenthal, Bishop of Southern Ohio:

THE BOARD of the General Theological Seminary has decided not to reinstate the eight faculty members who lodged complaints against the dean, but to invite them “to request provisional reinstatement as professors of the seminary.” The board’s official statement goes on to say: “The Executive Committee stands ready to meet next week to hear requests of any of the eight former faculty members for reinstatement and to negotiate the terms of their provisional employment for the remainder of the academic year.” I feel compelled, not only as a former member of the GTS faculty, but also as a bishop, to register my dismay and indignation regarding this decision. 205 more words


Notes on General Theological Seminary

Over the last several weeks, the General Theological Seminary, where I attended for a year after The Divinity School, has been embroiled in intense conflict between the faculty and the Dean, with the trustees firing (or, “accepting the resignation”) of the faculty. 1,594 more words


Requiem for a Seminary? Requiem for a Church.

ALL should read the post below, a pointed and clear-eyed condemnation of the shameful actions of the Board of Trustees of the General Seminary, by the Revd Dr Thomas Ferguson, Dean of Bexley Hall. 53 more words


Episcopal rolls over Jessieville 54-25

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Episcopal rolls over Jessieville 54-25


Remembering the Words

If you’ve read Ursula Le Guin’s classic “Earthsea” trilogy, you will know this story. If you’ve not read the Earthsea trilogy, why not? Put down Moltmann and the New Interpreter’s Bible, quit worrying about GOEs—they’re still three months away—and pick up Le Guin! 1,267 more words