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#32: Amanda, Episode 12

Amanda shares the #32 spot with Emily and has a fan vote of 3.46.  I don’t know why everyone loved this dress so much.  It looks like a bag-lady mumu. 18 more words


#111: Char, Episode 12

Falling at #111 is Char with a fan vote of 1.84.  This look is atrocious.  What woman wants a huge bubble around her waist?  And Char barely used the fabric from… 34 more words


High School Love On Episode 12 Recap/Review

The 12th episode starts with Sung-Yeol running out of Woo-Hyun’s house because he has realized that his step-mom is also Woo-Hyun’s mom. Sung-Yeol screams why did it have to be her. 1,481 more words


review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 12

MELTING. OMO. We got our wish. Woo Hyun serenades Seul Bi and it’s darned beautiful in its simplicity. The bond between the couple continues to grow stronger while poor Sung Yeol starts to hurtle headfirst into the dark side. 2,980 more words


#18: Sean, Episode 12

Sean is tied with Char at #18 and with a fan score of 3.76.  This look photographs much better than it moved on TV.  I wasn’t particularly impressed with this look when I watched the show, but it would work well as an editorial piece. 15 more words


#1: Kini, Episode 12

Kini ties himself for first place with a fan score of 4.55 on his re-make dress.  I don’t like this design nearly as much as his Rainway look, but I’m guessing it was scored highly because it was compared to all the other crap that came down the runway this week.   26 more words


Episode 12: They are Totally a Couple

Listen below or download here


- Alissa is BACK!

- Lots of August news

- Including Isla and the Happily Ever After *squeal*

-Chapter discussion: 26-28 (Divergent) 25 more words