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review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 18

What would you do without friends and love? Woo Hyun and Seul Bi aren’t fighting the battle alone now – they have their friends rallying them on. 2,065 more words


3 awesome hugs in 30 seconds

Festive Season = Busier Than Usual. I promise to post the review of Hi! School: Love On soonest over the next 24 hours. I’m not a fan of back-hugs simply because they are over-used in Korean dramas but I think Kim Sae Ron delivered probably the sweetest one I’ve ever seen. 360 more words


Sword Art Online II - 18

I’m confused. Did I just witness some character development in Sword Art Online II? Who let that happen? I guess Kawahara Reki must have remembered that Asuna exists and might stand to have a little bit of time dedicated to her character that wasn’t entirely demeaning and misogynist. 422 more words


not basashi btw

There really hasn’t been much news to blog about. The anime’s not for another year or so, new chapter’s not for another week+ , and I do watch primetime television. 67 more words

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