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The Eyes of the Dead, Episode 2: The Golem

Warning: this series contains violence, swearing, and intense mystical badassery. It is also written by a sixteen-year-old novice, and thus may contain such horrors as angst, technical imperfections, clichés, cheese, and excessive use of the conlangs (made-up languages) created by the author. 1,043 more words

'Derek' recap: Kev's job interview

Season 2 | Episode 2 | Aired Apr 30, 2014 (UK Channel 4)

After a series pilot of uncertainly and upheaval, we know three undeniable truths: Geoff is a complete ass, Hannah’s hell-bent on a baby bump, and Kev has a serious drinking problem. 1,430 more words

Episode 2: White Stone Path

According to records unearthed on the old PleasureTown site, there was a significant influx of immigrants to the Oklahoma settlement. It appears that as word spread of the strange, hedonistic town, more and more lost souls gravitated toward a place they believed could be their home. 91 more words


BLAZIN CLIP: Lil Mo opens up to Claudette Ortiz about her divorce and her daughter dissing her via text in this scene from R&B Divas LA Season 2 Episode 2

I’m sure you’ve all seen Lil Mo running around over the past few months doing a bunch of weird interviews with her new boy toy Carl Dargan and were wondering what the hell happened to her husband and big happy fam that we seen on Season 1, well the feisty songbird fights back tears as she finally opens up on the split and it’s affect on her kids in this scene from episode 2 of R&B Divas LA Season 2…


Girl Meets World, Season 1, Episode 2

Girl Meets World, Season 1, Episode 2

SPOILER ALERT- The episode starts off with Lucas and Riley texting each other, even though they are three feet apart and can actually talk to each other. 431 more words