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Remediating Star Wars Trailers: May the Force be with Me

This original Star Wars Episode IV trailer is made to attract a somewhat different audience than the Blue-Ray trailer release from a couple years ago. This trailer frames the plot as more of a love story within an adventure.


Leesub Sirln by LucyRavenscar

You probably remember LucyRavenscar from ChewbacctoberFest. You probably don’t remember Leesub Sirln from the Cantina scene in Episode IV: A New Hope. That’s ok. Open a new tab and do a quick search. 89 more words

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Set 30 years after Return of the Jedi?

Well, it’s been confirmed.  Star Wars Episode VII has been set 30 years after the events of the destruction of the second Death Star.  The casting rumours are floating around still, but lets face it, at least one of the main characters from Episodes IV, V & VI will make an appearance.  143 more words

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The "Han shot first" Paradox

I watched the original Star Wars trilogy with my girlfriend a little while back. We started with A New Hope, naturally, and when we reached the cantina scene on Tatooine I had to pause the movie to explain something important to her. 453 more words


RPO: Help Me Obi-Wan

So excited to finally be sharing more blog posts with you! I was MIA for a while because things got busy and I got to play in the snow for a few days! 342 more words