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Dana nu era în ţară. Avea să se întoarcă peste câteva săptămâni – 21 octombrie era data ce o stabiliseră amândoi, la cafeneaua unde s-au întâlnit prima oară. 295 more words


Star Wars Was Always Episode IV, Wasn't It? Wait, What?

It’s time for definitive truth. Was the original Star Wars movie always subtitled “A New Hope” or not?

A piece from Spinoff Online has your answer. 36 more words


A letter home

From: Saleena Bymm

To: Vexia Bymm

Confirmed: SEND; TRANS59/64; DEL

Context: 6E6; ALT; FFN; CNN

Dear Vexa -

I didn’t mean to write to you again so soon, but once I heard about the destruction of Alderaan at the hands of those terrorists, I had to get in touch with you. 123 more words

Edge Of The Empire

Mos Eisley is a Lovely and Charming Town

Datalog Entry: Bymm.per.log/62271-21

Encrypted: GAMMA4; TRANS12/12; RECV

After a long drive through the night, swapping out drivers as fatigue overcame them, we approached Mos Eisley just as second dawn was breaking. 504 more words

Edge Of The Empire

Leia and R2 by Relaxolotl

Relaxolotl is a fiber artist and seamstress who likes making things. Sometimes she makes Star Wars things! This is a neat piece that mixes applique and embroidery. 24 more words


VIDEO: Star Wars Sorted Alphabetically

Someone had WAAAAAAAAAY too much time on their hands. A Star Wars fan decided to go through the first Star Wars movie and split all the dialogue into individual words, and sort them alphabetically. 58 more words


Looking for Tatooine

Dear Reader,

When George Lucas heard the name of Tataouine he liked it so much that he decided to use the name for Luke Skywalker… 627 more words

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