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Episode 14: Celia Barrett

Although she wouldn’t describe herself as “iconic.”
Celia Barrett manages to create music that’ll become iconic in your life. She joined me in the studio on November 25th 2014… 37 more words


Episode 63: Bitchin' about bigfoot

Episode 63 — Bitchin’ about bigfoot — has sulked onto the internet like a surly teenage malcontent. On the show this time, Scott, Sam, and Brian display an inordinately negative attitude about all things bigfoot while musing over Todd Standing’s desire for $900,000 and his coziness with Jeff Meldrum, Melba Ketchum and her hat passing for alien baby heads, mysterious horse braids, whether or not bigfoot have mystical superpowers, giving witnesses the benefit of the doubt, losing faith in the entire mad world of bigfoot, drones and science fiction, the massive government coverup that permeates the world of sasquatchery, and of course, Donald the donkey. 16 more words


JL150: More Pod For Your Buck

Join Luke, Eoghan, Shane, Johnny and a dozen unassuming guests for the super-sized if underwhelming 150th edition of The JL Show, featuring even more Interstellar talk, Taylor Swift stuff and… WATER CHARGES! 10 more words


WomanVision TV S2 E13: Future of the American Women's Movement

Filmmaker and feminist, Bonnie Watkins shares details of her latest project, “Unfinished Business: Future of the American Women’s Movement” with Nadia Giordana followed by a cooking segment: Spaghetti Squash Alfredo.



The rocky part came earlier in 2005 when we moved to a new house to accommodate the birth of our third child, Rachel.  I remember the night I told Bob she was on the way.  331 more words

Bipolar Disorder