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Random Broadcast

Typhoon went on the air with the New Orleans Kid Rock and Gore..this was a wild broadcast

This is is your host staff for today…LEFT TO RIGHT (GORE KIDE ROCK TYPHOON) 9 more words


Push to Smart Water Cooler: The Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 4

Join us at the Push to Smart Water Cooler to discuss the penultimate chapter in Telltale Games’ second season of The Walking Dead.

“Amid the Ruins” features some shocking character deaths and a cliffhanger that left Jaylee and Stacey with differing opinions of the episode as a whole. 6 more words


Film Jive Episode #74 - "Snowpiercer"

In this episode, co-host Zach Betonte is joined by Thomas Wishloff, participant of several, film-related podcasts and blogs including; “The Big Kahuna Burger”, … 109 more words

Film Jive

At the Buzzer (07/31/14)

Episode 142: The Error of Your Ways – The gang discusses a series of fatal mistakes, like falling asleep at a baseball game or misspelling words in major publications, then goes back in time in Buzzkill. 124 more words

At The Buzzer

Episode 11 - Lunch with the duke

- Take the shortcut!

- I’m not taking any shortcut! Bibo said.

- Then let me drive!

- No!

- Come on, Bibo! The Castel isn’t that far if you take the shortcut… I’m starving! 1,108 more words


Episode 27: Mosiah 19-21

Click to Listen: Episode 27: Mosiah 19-21

Battles, battles, and more battles! And this time, it looks like the Lamanites are regaining the upper hand. Oh, and we finally have to say goodbye to our friend King Noah, who gets slow roasted to death.

“Drink” Count – 40

Almost 7 Beers!