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Having Faith in Our Definitions

I recently posted about WLC’s quibbles over the definition of “atheism.” In my opinion, when two people disagree on the definition of a term, the best way of resolving the issue is to go with the definition proposed by the person who self-identifies with the word. 914 more words


No Honor for A Career of Hate by amina wadud

A recent decision by Brandeis University (founded in 1948 as a nonsectarian Jewish community-sponsored, coeducational institution) to take back its offer to give Ayaan Hirsi Ali an honorary doctorate hit the media with the usual storm over such a controversial figure. 1,208 more words


‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ Part 5.3: Delusions

In my last piece on Street Epistemology I reiterated why Christians should strongly reject Boghossian’s misunderstanding of the word faith and not allow themselves to have something projected upon them which they simply don’t believe. 1,887 more words


The British Humanist Association Part 1 - "How do we know what is true?"

The British Humanist Association this week launched four short videos on the internet to help better explain what Humanism is and what Humanists stand for. Each of them is narrated very professionally by the actor Stephen Fry. 1,258 more words


‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ Part 5.2: Foundationalism and Faith

I am roughly (according to my kindle) one quarter of the way though this book and it’s taken a long time in coming but Boghossian begins talking about which epistemological school of thought he wants his Street Epistemologists (SEs) to take. 2,003 more words


The Legend of Hippasus

There was once an ancient Greek geometer named Hippasus who belonged to the Pythagorean Brotherhood. The Pythagoreans were a school of philosophers who held a special reverence for numbers and proportion. 718 more words


Basics of Epistemology

Pretend, for a moment, that someone has just made a claim, and you are trying to decide whether or not that claim is true. How do you go about evalutating their assertion? 466 more words