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Thought Notes 7/20/2014

Some of these come from things I’ve tweeted – I wanted to format them and consolidate them a bit more here.

It seems like a lot Christians think that explaining, or harmonizing, Scripture is almost like doing an injustice to Scripture. 454 more words


Gilson on Existence and Essence

‘Why, Saint Thomas asks, do we say that Qui est is the most proper name among all those that can given to God? And his answer is because it signifies “to be”: … 312 more words


"Revolutions" Resolved

“This is the end of the rabbit hole: an absolute form of hyper-control without any human capacity for free will.”

It Ends Tonight

And now we have reached the end of the rabbit hole. 1,795 more words


See the CUP website.

Social Epistemology

Existence, Essence and Being

Avicenna was the first to posit the distinction between the existence of a thing and its essence, and the distinction was later refined by Aquinas – Etienne Gilson credits Aquinas as being a kind of forerunner of existentialism because of his use and development of the idea. 575 more words


"Reloaded" Reexamined

Part 2 of the series goes further down the rabbit hole with an explanation of religious imagery and a closer look at the notion of control. 2,099 more words


Accelerationism: The New Prometheans – Part Two: Section Two

The utopian currents of socialism, though they are historically grounded in criticism of the existing social system, can rightly be called utopian insofar as they ignore history …, but not because they reject science.” 2,000 more words

Dystopian Reflections