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Play it again

During the Conference on the Philosophy of the Internet of Things, we conducted a world café, during which each of us was entitled to pursue a question of our liking. 487 more words


Monogatari: Is She My Sister?

Management: I kind of failed to impress Bobduh with a piece similarly structured to this one in terms of content. I hope this one is better up to scratch…. 1,517 more words

What do you want?

Why do seemingly smart people believe silly things? More specifically, why do they disagree with you?

We all have our pet viewpoints that we regularly defend. 704 more words


The Strangeness of Theism and Atheism

Heidegger asks a very good question in his essay “What is Metaphysics?” He poses the question about the nature of nothing. The atheistic scientist believes that all that exists is the universe or the multiverse. 535 more words


PPE: Thinking and Doing

Dr. Joe Wooddell, Professor of Philosophy and Politics, talks about the subjects of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and why they should matter to believers.

https://forchristandculturebroadcasts.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/fcac-2014_07_23.mp3… 12 more words


Being "reasonable": what's worth salvaging from Rand's epistemology?

Given the critical tone of my last two posts, the main motive for my overview of the Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology would seem to be scorn. 639 more words


Russell, Doubt and What Not to Die for

The 20th century British philosopher and mathematician, Bertrand Russell, once stated”I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.” In one way, this is a sentiment toward skepticism and the recognition of our own limits and fallibility even on some of the most sincerely held beliefs and values. 1,105 more words

Distinctions And Philosophy