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I do often, and thoughtfully consider whether I can really know something.

Whether I can accurately, concisely define the world around me with words. I think it hurts us to be too exact about life. 148 more words

One Amazing Fake Barn

A new kind of fake barn may be hard to spot. Not because it’s a fake, but because it’s sort of invisible. Of course it is located in Socrates Sculpture Park. Story here.

Prefer Verbs to Nouns

My principle, v0.2

Prefer verbs to nouns.

When Bret Victor introduced the concept of a principle, he said a good principle can be applied “in a fairly objective way”. 722 more words


The Beginning of Infinity: Untestable Theories & the Power of Explanation

In reading David Deutsch’s brilliant book, The Beginning of Infinity, I finally came across a couple of simple reasons why untestable theories in science are a dead-end and why the explanatory content of a theory matters. 1,807 more words


This one has a title. It is about Nietzsche.

Last night my buddy Shahid posted, “I just don’t know how anyone can take Nietzsche seriously.” on Facebook, which intrigued me. It seemed like something someone who understood a bit of Nietzsche would have to say, and i, at the time, knew very little. 476 more words

Job 36

Context is everything. To our Western eyes trained to read literally, this chapter could seem no different from what the trio said. However, Elihu has established already that he is not on their path. 609 more words



Without silence there would be no music.
Life paired is doubtless more difficult
than solitary existence–
just as a boat on the open sea
with outstretched sails is trickier to steer… 593 more words