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The True Myth is the Truth of All Myth

The world’s myths do not reveal a way to interpret the Gospels, but exactly the reverse: the Gospels reveal to us the way to interpret myth.

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Sloppy Reduction

That an event is composed entirely of transactions among subatomic particles does not mean that it is nothing but subatomic particles – does not mean that its character is exhaustively specified by the specification of the trajectories and interactions of those particles. 448 more words


How to Tell Whether You Are Being Oppressed

Imagine that you’re faced with a problem, and some other agent X is involved, or at least adjacent to, that problem. You suspect that X is oppressing you. 98 more words

Epistemology and Being II

Some time ago I posted on the subject of epistemology and being within the context of David Bentley Hart’s ‘practical idealism’ and T.F. Torrance’s scientific theological realism. 387 more words


You Betcha

We’re either all going to Heaven or we ain’t.
– Sonny Steele

When the end comes to this old world,
The righteous will cry and the rest will curl up, 1,106 more words


Why? An Introduction

New acquaintances nearly always ask recent college grads like me what we studied at university.  Some degrees—bio pre-med, engineering, and pre-law—are rewarded with impressed noises and commendation; my degree (philosophy) usually generates an “Oh wow!” or “Interesting!” (which of course is said in such a way as to make it quite obvious that the speaker is neither wowed nor interested) and a few seconds later a “Why?”  Snarky bastard that I am, I promptly reply, “Exactly.” 930 more words


The crazy bookmaker and the Cult of probability

A Critique of the Dutch Book Argument

Many neutral observers concur into thinking we are assisting to the formation of a new religion among hopelessly nerdy people. 1,900 more words