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A Critical Look: Talal Asad's Anthropological Genealogy

Talal Asad is perhaps mostly known for his work on secularism within a genealogical form of analysis. While his works are indeed interesting, I intend to argue that his adoption of the genealogical method and his general unwillingness to examine religion critically results in three major problems: relativism, recuperation, and subsequent fundamentalist decisionism. 4,565 more words

Political Philosophy

axioms and dogmas

Axioms are self evident truths that require no proof, which is similar to a dogmatic belief in the sense that dogma is a set of beliefs or doctrines that are established as undoubtedly in truth. 334 more words


4 Ways to Search for God When He Seems Hidden

Whether we identify as seekers or believers, most of us who think the existence of God would be a good thing have experienced times of confusion and discouragement in their search for truth. 941 more words


"In Praise of Mixed Religion" by William H. Harrison: Valuable Insights into Faith and Culture

As an educator, I found Chapter 9, “The Last Taboo: Education about Religion” of In Praise of Mixed Religion worth the price of admission into William Harrison’s insightful journey that explores the inter-relationships among the constantly changing dynamics of individual faith, cultural realities and the ways in which religions work. 621 more words


On My Relationship with Scripture

I had a bit of a self-revelation this morning. It’s really nothing new, and probably something that happens to a lot of people in the Evangelical/post-Evangelical/millenial/trying-to-figure-out-how-to-follow-Jesus crowd. 650 more words


The Medium Actually Is the Message

Meaning is not epiphenomenal to anything. It is not just some superfluity added to physical causation, or riding it, like scum on the surface of a river. 1,044 more words

Metaphysics & Natural Philosophy

Must the Haters Hate?

I own a Taylor Swift album. That information falls under the category, “Things I tell people to help them hold me accountable for arrogance,” right next to my 3 year membership in a bowling league. 951 more words