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Rhinos, Unicorns, Evolution, Gay Marriage, and Scripture

The odd collection of nouns in the title are related. I promise. Roll with the idea and examine a few related scenarios. If you’ll track with me, I hope you’ll see some inconsistent ways in which we use our reason when religion, especially our interpretation of Scripture, gets involved. 1,193 more words

Christian Culture Issues

Defusing Step Three of Rick Warren's "Christian Recovery" Landmines

Continuing where we left off in the last article on this subject, ‘The Eight ‘Christian Steps to Psychological Recovery…’, here we will take a brief look at step three of this metaphysical atrocity: 1,867 more words


Misunderstanding the God of the Gaps

I’ve noticed that many nonbelievers (and even believers) misunderstand what constitutes a “God of the gaps” argument.  They tend to think one is guilty of a God of the gaps argument if they offer God as an explanation for some… 593 more words


A Technical Introduction To Epistemology

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the first post on Sacred Knowledge!

Epistemology, or the Study of The Theory of Knowledge, is a very important field of Philosophy.  90 more words

Sources Of Knowledge

What happens when we say stuff?

An Epistemology of Writing

I just realized I run my college writing courses in ways possibly dissimilar to how others do it. We have texts, of course, and readings. 369 more words

Philosophy Of Work





I do often, and thoughtfully consider whether I can really know something.

Whether I can accurately, concisely define the world around me with words. I think it hurts us to be too exact about life. 148 more words

One Amazing Fake Barn

A new kind of fake barn may be hard to spot. Not because it’s a fake, but because it’s sort of invisible. Of course it is located in Socrates Sculpture Park. Story here.