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Book Review: "Tears of Jade" by Tim Hunt (2014)

*This review may contain spoilers*

“Tears of Jade,” by Tim Hunt, is the third book in the “Love Letters Written in the Sands of Time” … 306 more words

Book Review

Blurbs From the Branch: Awesome Epistolary Novels

I learned a new word in the process of writing this blog: epistolary. This describes a novel that is written by means of letters, correspondence, telegrams, emails, etc. 213 more words


Marie's Reading: "Dear Committee Members" by Julie Schumacher

I love the concept of this novel: a tale told in epistolary fashion, but not just any epistles.  These are letters of recommendation from a snarky, arrogant, and fed-up English professor, tired of how many of these letters he’s made to write for students and colleagues. 433 more words

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Episode 71: Amity Gaige, Schroder

This week’s a Mike pick, a novel that found its way onto an awful lot of Best of 2013 lists. Schroder is about a man who scoops up his daughter, puts her into a (possibly borrowed, possibly stolen) Mini Cooper, and runs away from his wife. 157 more words