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It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender.

This is all but a “ditto, ditto device”.


A beginner's guide to Java time zone handling

Basic time notions

Most web applications have to support different time-zones and properly handling time-zones is no way easy. To make matters worse, you have to make sure that timestamps are consistent across various programming languages (e.g. 1,571 more words


Feet... what's the fuss 'bout them?

So many idioms about feet ….

…spring to feet…

… not let the grass grow under your feet…

… dead on one’s feet…

… have the world at your feet … (my aim! 1,031 more words


Smells like... your past?

Today I just woke up and smelt that scent that reminded me the whole epoch of my life. It was like I lived that time again. 148 more words


DayZ SA Thoughts (October 2014)

I’ve been playing DayZ for years now, really ever since the mod came out for Arma II and beyond. I played the vanilla mod and epoch for the mod the most, but I’ve also dabbled in the new Epoch for Arma III (which is great btw if you haven’t checked it out you can here  378 more words


Going Back in Time Down Highway 162 South

Because we don’t work from June through July, Judy Birdsong and I tend to take trips to far flung places like Chicago, New Orleans, Lisbon, Paris. 1,023 more words


Powershell One Liners #1

I recently decided to put together a couple of one-liners and small script blocks that I have recently compiled which didn’t warrant a blog entry but are useful as a reference point in the future and provide a funny one-liner in the process, this one is courtesy of  268 more words