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Back-Log (understatement): My Week In Photos: June 27th to July 13th...

I’ve been taking this intense Journalism course and have (to my most fretfully and disdainful intentions otherwise) not been able to post my usual weekly round-up. 78 more words

Bash Epoch Converter

I use the online epoch converter on an almost daily basis with an almost single usage – converting a value of seconds/milliseconds since the epoch (1/1/1970 00:00:00) to a human readable date. 720 more words



In my last post I spoke of epochs in life, of finding your passion, diving into your work and putting the time in so you can reap the benefits of the lightning strike of inspiration as it channels through your spirit. 557 more words

Cultivating Metamorphosis

Nightcap - June 27

Mars Rover and streaming are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


Glossary of DayZ Epoch

Today I had planned to write about a different subject to DayZ but for reasons that may become clear later I have delayed that somewhat. Instead I thought I would make a start in a post I plan to use as a resource and update as I go on… 1,144 more words

DayZ Epoch

The shame of smearing desperate ordure all over dates. I cannot bear feeding the shame.