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Is it horrible that my instant reaction is to laugh?

I’m reading an e-book and there is this boy; his name is Eustace Reed. I quote: 65 more words


Finishing off the EPUB

Now that we have the scaled JPG illustrations, its easy to insert them into the ebook with Sigil.

Simply find the correct location (I followed the layout used in the print book) and use Insert > File.  250 more words


EPUB Creation 2

To create my Aladore edition, I decided to use the wonderful Free software (GPLv3) EPUB editor, Sigil, https://github.com/user-none/Sigil

I have used Sigil to tweak and create ebooks for many years.  830 more words


Creating an EPUB 1

After Bluefish tidied up our HTML text, I originally planned to do some comparisons between editions, but since only the 1914 text is ready, I decided to jump ahead to creating a draft ebook. 751 more words


Insomnia is Published!

Click on the cover photo and find it on Kobo!

Short Stories

Music Soaked Ebook Available

Hi Reader!

Just wanted to point your attention to my new book page that will have links to all of my works and where you can get them. 144 more words