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Are you a blogger, a book reviewer, or active on Goodreads?

If you’d like to read MORTAL LOVE: AFTER THE FALL before the publication date and would consider writing a review, I’d be glad to send you a free copy in either MOBI or ePub format. 73 more words


Free review ebooks

Free review copies of all C&N Publications ebooks are available. All we want in return is an honest review (that means if you didn’t like it, feel free to say so – but we hope you do like it – obviously). 130 more words

Baby, I've got some seriously cool news!

So … I have to tell you all my news or I might bust something.

I got an email from my wonderful, amazing, and talented agent Brittany Booker that went something like this: 315 more words


1인 셀프 출판의 시작: 출판사 등록, EIN 발급, 발행자번호 받기

출판문화산업진흥원에서 전자책 셀프 퍼블리싱 관련 강좌를 들었다. 전자책 시장은 생각 이상으로 접근이 편리했고 그 절차도 생각만큼 복잡하지 않았다. 늘 생각은 갖고 있었지만 문제는 ‘진입 장벽’이라 생각하고 있었던 내게, 전자책에 관한 한 정말로 문제는 진입 장벽이 아니라 콘텐츠를 기획하고 생산하는 내 노력과 의지임을 다시한번 확인시켜 준 강좌였다. 70 more words


EPUB progress

I had a number of kludge approaches to creating EPUB versions of my books (largely documented on my blog, particularly during 2012. Look under the  392 more words

Crypto-Gram, April 2014 (in EPUB and MOBI format)


Crypto-Gram is a famous free monthly newsletter written by the security expert Bruce Schneier. The original is available at Bruce Schneier’s website; this is the same content in MOBI and EPUB format, suitable for e-book readers. 21 more words