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EQ2: Nights of the Dead box ticked

Just before I go away I wanted to at least poke my head into Everquest 2 to have a look at this year’s Nights of the Dead live event ( 282 more words


EQ2 - One Isle To House Them All

I’ve been playing EQ2 again for a couple of months, and things sure have changed in the 4 years or so since I last played. Basically I seem to play 12-18 months every 3 or 4 years, which makes EQ2 probably my most-played game in the last 10 years alongside WoW. 469 more words


Do you take gaming with you when away?

Today is one week out from the latest (and hopefully last) business trip of the year. Travelling with my work is usually hectic –┬álong days that start early and finish very late. 328 more words


EQ2: dungeon delving

Inspired by a comment on a previous post I went searching for some dungeon exploration fun in a recent EQ2 session. I self-mentored down to level 80 at the Chronomage in Gorowyn and then headed to Sebilis via the Kunzar Jungle ( 288 more words


Rotation changes for Autumn

The leaves are rapidly changing colour and there’s a cold nip in the air, it is Autumn time! I’ve already put FFXIV on hold for the foreseeable future due to other priorities and pressures but I think there’ll be some more changes to my gaming roster for the next few months. 324 more words


EQ2: when a step backwards is a step forwards

Everquest 2 can be a complex MMO to dive into as a latecomer. Questing on my newish insta-level 85 shadowknight I’d been dithering around in the Great Divide zone for many play sessions and leveling pretty slowly. 358 more words