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MMO client scorecard

I’ve played quite a few MMORPGs over the years that I’ve been writing this blog. They’ve varied greatly in playstyle, combat, mood and quality of content but also they’ve varied a great deal in the quality of the game client itself – that is to say the actual software you run on your PC to connect to the game and play. 796 more words


EQ2: a spot of good fortune

It so happens that I read about an online competition to win a digital copy of the latest Everquest 2 expansion Age of Malice collectors edition via CraveOnline Games. 185 more words


EQ2: ingenuity thwarted

I was questing in my current zone of the Withered Lands when I came across a quest with the text asking me not to kill the hostile faerie creatures that guard the items I should collect ( 368 more words


EQ2: grounded in Withered Lands

Having dinged level 90 in Everquest 2 I’ve moved on to the Withered Lands questing zone. So far it’s been an enjoyable zone to quest through with a couple of interweaving storylines and a good number of optional repeatable quests to keep the experience rolling in. 272 more words


EQ2: setting some goals

As I’ve mentioned in a recent post it’s very easy to get distracted in Everquest 2 and to spend time flitting from activity to activity or character to character. 491 more words


EQ2: puppets and bookshelves

In the little time I had for gaming this weekend, I finished gathering the tokens needed from the Heroes Festival to buy a complete set of level 95 armour for my shadowknight. 299 more words


EQ2: Heroes' Festival and the 10th anniversary

The Heroes’ Festival is back in Everquest 2, the in-game event to mark the anniversary of the game’s launch, and this time it’s a special one as it’s been ten years. 398 more words