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Everquest 2: Wherein I Confess my Lore OCD

When I decided to try and level a character to 95 before we left for SOELive without boosting, it was because I know myself very well. 461 more words


Everquest 2: Benedicta and Valhakar Reach 95

I am writing this on the phone to see how viable blogging while at SOELive next week. So if there are typos forgive me and I will correct them tomorrow morning. 201 more words


Everquest 2: Housing Delights & the frustration of Scale

The title for the above, A Gnome lives here but Why? First off, I love the acorn housing but how I wish the housing would be scalable. 171 more words


Everquest 2: Weekend Adventures of Benedicta & Valhakar

So began our epic and fun weekend Friday afternoon as we lay dead on the floors of Arcane Research Halls while our mercs attempted to kill the last boss, which we unknowingly pulled first. 495 more words


Everquest 2: Double Experience Weekend

Everquest 2 had a double experience weekend and while I didn’t manage to hit max level, I’m fine with my leveling experience. Hubby hit 90 yesterday and we went up to SkyShrine (SS) and did one of the solo instances together and then went and hung out in the public zone for a bit. 293 more words


Everquest 2: Crafting & Sale Bonanza

This weekend my mid-range Armorer and Weaponsmith both reached level 95 in crafting, bringing my Veteran Bonus to 80% for my remaining crafters. I’m pleased but I am even more please that I managed to fly to the Sanctuary of Tears twice and only died once. 358 more words


MMO questing and co-op gameplay

There’s a lot of posts this last week or so addressing the nature of questing in MMORPGs and how that affects grouping. Jewel has a post on the… 633 more words