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Return to EQ II

If you follow me for very long, and most assuredly if you read my older stuff, you know I am a big fan and player of the game Everquest II.   383 more words


EQ2 Froglock the Puny

I wanted to play The Usual but it was down for maintenance. So I decided that of the other games on my sometimes game list, I could play a bit of EQ2. 504 more words

Everquest 2

The longest running joke in my life

A few people that know me through gaming know what this is. It’s been my retired status with SOE games. It started with me deleting my epic 1.0 magician back when I first left EQ1. 263 more words


SOE: All of the great MMOs are F2P, like...?

Dave “Doctor Creepy” Georgeson, fresh of his “MMOs should live on forever, so we are shutting down four SOE MMOs!” declaration, is back trying to cram more foot into his mouth… 526 more words


Two great April Fool events

I’m not a fan of April Fool’s Day as I don’t enjoy pranks and find most of the newspaper silly stories to be unfunny at best. 661 more words


Pulling me back in ...

I’m happily chipping away at the Sharandar campaign in Neverwinter, currently on the second stage set in the Dark Fey Enclave sub-zone. A lot of the progress is limited by daily quests, similar to, for example, the Isle of Thunder main quest chain in WoW.  255 more words


EQ2 Intro Guide, Part 3

This is the third video of this series introducing new or returning players to some of the basics of EQ2. In this I show off a little bit of combat, discuss using the mini map and quest tracker, collection system, ways to customize your character options, harvesting materials, the world size, and give some general commentary.