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Rotation changes for Autumn

The leaves are rapidly changing colour and there’s a cold nip in the air, it is Autumn time! I’ve already put FFXIV on hold for the foreseeable future due to other priorities and pressures but I think there’ll be some more changes to my gaming roster for the next few months. 324 more words


EQ2: when a step backwards is a step forwards

Everquest 2 can be a complex MMO to dive into as a latecomer. Questing on my newish insta-level 85 shadowknight I’d been dithering around in the Great Divide zone for many play sessions and leveling pretty slowly. 358 more words


Changing of the games

The all important pre-expansion patch for World of Warcraft (patch 6.0.2) is likely due a month before launch, so mid October (13th Oct? No firm date announced yet… 268 more words


Gameplay vs Story and replayability

I’ve read this morning Tobold’s post on Gameplay vs Story. Although the blog post contains several interrelated ideas the issue of repetition of scripted story content is an issue I identify with. 349 more words


Subtraction by addition

One of the lazier strawmen in MMO blogging land is to dismiss the success of an older MMO by stating that fewer people play it today. 501 more words

MMO Design

Rapid travel options in MMOs

I’ve been thinking a bit about rapid travel in MMOs. This was partly inspired by a thread on the Everquest2 forums bemoaning outdated transportation options… 319 more words