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EQ2: setting some goals

As I’ve mentioned in a recent post it’s very easy to get distracted in Everquest 2 and to spend time flitting from activity to activity or character to character. 491 more words


EQ2: puppets and bookshelves

In the little time I had for gaming this weekend, I finished gathering the tokens needed from the Heroes Festival to buy a complete set of level 95 armour for my shadowknight. 299 more words


EQ2: Heroes' Festival and the 10th anniversary

The Heroes’ Festival is back in Everquest 2, the in-game event to mark the anniversary of the game’s launch, and this time it’s a special one as it’s been ten years. 398 more words


Choices? Choices!

There’s a lot going on in my game and MMO world right now, and in the next couple of weeks.

There’s The Secret World’s Halloween event, which I’ve mentioned with a few… 657 more words


EQ2: a slower pace

I’ve played a couple of sessions in Everquest 2 since coming back and I’m enjoying the sheer breadth of the game. The amount of content is staggering. 254 more words


Crushbone Completed

Finished Crushbone today.  Level 32 ready for the next dungeon!

Everquest 2 Adventures

Ongoing adventures of Beo & Son

Beovaldr hit level 30 and Zerack level 28 while adventuring in good ole Crushbone Keep tonight.  Dead orcs everywhere!  I plan on getting Beo Jr a Gold Subscription plan so we can earn xp at the same pace.   18 more words

Everquest 2 Adventures