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Same-Sex Marriage Legal in Britain

Recently, a massive change in Great Britain has occurred as same-sex marriage has now been legalized across the pond.

Politicians deliberated for almost a year and officially declared it legal. 209 more words

Dis-establishment: what does equality look like?

In my last post I described why I think that marriage without God is so often intellectually dishonest. But that doesn't change the fact that it happens, so how do we go about making everything fair? 452 more words

Baltic Pride – not parliament – has the potential for LGBT liberation in Estonia

In response to growing rates of unmarried cohabitation, a bill is being prepared for the Riigikogu (Estonian parliament), which, if passed, would allow couples to formalise their relationship through civil partnership, regardless of gender. 380 more words

Baltic Pride

Thank you, Westboro Baptist Church!

I’d like to thank the Westboro Baptist Church for all their work on making equality for all a normal thing.

No, honestly.

Whenever these weirdos, and their UK equivalents who haunt Gay Pride parades proving that we still need Gay Pride parades, turn up, they force the general population, the 2.4 children, semi-detached house, never-knowingly-met-a-gay except-my-hairdresser-probably, Volvo driving, Sunday Times reading, Kindle owning “normal” people to decide where they stand. 172 more words

Epitaph for an Archbishop? For fear of sailing over the edge of the world, he never put out to sea

NO, THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY hasn’t died; but he does seem to be doing a remarkably good job at digging his own grave, at least insofar as establishing good relations with the LGBTI community is concerned. 1,366 more words


Marriage Equality in NI - an angry rant!

So, as a waiter serving hundreds of customers a day, I am going to overhear a number of conversations (snippets or whole things) while tidying nearby or serving others. 407 more words