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Equal marriage in Finland

Dear Johannesburg,

I know when we met you were quite surprised that we did not have what you could have. And I still need to explain it to when I travel abroad and meet new people who become my friends, the gruesome fact I would not be able to marry the person I am in love with. 1,236 more words


OK, let's see if I can revive this blog thingy

In the months since my last post, lots of things have happened. We’ve had a national election, for one thing, which by most accounts has assured us two more years of political gridlock and confirmed the deep polarization of public opinion. 245 more words

Politics: U. S.



Wouldn’t it be grand
If I could hold your hand
In a public place?
After twenty years together
We could hug each other… 153 more words


Love is Love - and why today is a good day to be a Montanan

Yesterday, a federal judge overturned Montana’s ban on same-sex marriage, making us the the 34th state to allow equal marriage opportunities to all couples and, let me tell you, it makes me proud(er) to live in this beautiful state and to be a part of its upward mobility. 343 more words


Yes Equality: Count Down to Deadline

With one week to go before the closing date for getting on the 2015 register of electors, the Yes Equality campaign have called for the Irish public to make sure they are registered to vote. 249 more words


New South Wales To Recognise Same-sex Couples Married Overseas

Marriage equality advocates have welcomed changes to the NSW Relationships Register to recognise same-sex couples married overseas.

The change advocated by the independent member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, and supported by the NSW Government, provides for legal recognition of marriages conducted overseas that are currently denied recognition 111 more words


Reflecting on the Cascade Conversations in Glasgow & Galloway

Over the last six months since General Synod, the dioceses of the Scottish Episcopal Church have been engaging in “Cascade Conversations” . You may remember from what I’ve previously said that this is the process which some senior members of the Church decided we ought to use to discuss same-sex relationships in the Church. 2,059 more words