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Watch: Armagayddon – The Aftermath of Marriage Equality

Irish comedians Tara Flynn and Kevin McGahan have teamed up with LGBT Noise to show the world what Ireland would be like if we voted in favour of marriage equality in 2015…! 49 more words


GLEN: BAI Decision On Marriage Discussion Raises Worrying Concerns About Open Public Debate

“Can lesbian and gay people not now talk about their lives and their aspirations as Irish citizens on the airwaves, or about their experiences of love and commitment without somebody opposing them?” … 159 more words


Jealous of a word??

We got married in 2009. Well when I say got married I mean we had a civil partnership. 

I would have loved a wedding but at that point it was not legal in the uk for same sex couples to marry, we had the option of civil partnership or nothing. 317 more words


Denmark Celebrates 25 Years Of Marriage Equality With ‘Equal Love’ Photography Exhibition

Twenty-five years ago the first same-sex couple was lawfully married under the Danish registered partnership law, the first of it kind and an inspiration for same-sex marriages, partnerships, civil unions and family laws in countries all over the world. 282 more words


10 Things I Hate About Marriage Inequality. #1: Because I can't marry the man I love

The number one reason why I hate marriage inequality in Australia is because it means that I cannot marry the man who I love.

I was half-tempted to leave it at that because, really, what more do I need to say? 1,071 more words

10 Things I Hate About Marriage Inequality. #2: Because we've been waiting so damn long

The ten year anniversary of Australia’s ban on marriage equality is now only a few days away. Unfortunately, the long-awaited repeal of the ban is still some time off. 1,100 more words

Forever reactive not proactive: The challenge for the Church of England

Whilst researching the Church of England recently, I have found myself becoming increasingly concerned for its future. Yes, I am a Christian and yes, I want the Church to flourish in all its forms, but the clouds of decline have lingered for far to long. 521 more words