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Asda faces equal pay claims

An equal pay test case has been brought by 414 employees of Asda. The Claimants who are mostly women assert that their store roles are of equal value to higher paid positions in the Asda distribution centres which are held by mainly men. 55 more words

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Hi! This is an interactive post! Comment below with your opinion on something. Anything really. Support it with facts, an article, or with a source. It can be an unpopular opinion, or a popular one, or one that’s never talked about. 23 more words


University faces £700,000 pay discrimination claim

A GROUP of men has launched a discrimination claim said to be worth in excess of £700,000 against a university, alleging they were all underpaid compared with female counterparts. 37 more words

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Gender pay gap down to 'subconscious bias'

Women earn less than men because they are seen as pushovers when they don’t negotiate hard and are seen as “ball-breakers” when they do, a psychologist says. 486 more words

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"It's Not A Myth. It's Math." President Obama

Erin McGoldrick ’14  Women in Leadership

Women on average earn 77 cents for every dollar that men make, inspiring the holiday Equal Pay Day.  This is an alarming statistic in present day America and has become a hot button topic in politics this April.  565 more words

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Milton Friedman: Markets don’t Discriminate, Governments Do

One of the brilliant economic minds of the 20th century was Dr. Milton Friedman.  He had the rare combination of advanced economic knowledge and common sense. 321 more words


Narrowing the Gender Gap

We are well into the 21st Century now, and women still do not get equal pay compared to men in the same jobs. This is changing, though, slowly but surely. 267 more words

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