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A Feminist Analysis Of Obama's State Of The Union

Politicos across Washington, DC were glued to their TVs as President Obama “an ambitious” State of the Union address Tuesday night.

While he spoke about tax reform, a new middle class, and gas pipelines of course feminists were focusing on whether or not Obama would raise the issues that really matter, ie paid maternity leave, equal pay, and affordable child care to name a few. 83 more words

Politics Not As Usual


The great misery of politics – I say misery as there is no mystery  involved in it, nothing spiritual.
The below in quotations is a comment I made in the the blog Vawa – Violence Against Women ACT… 1,204 more words

Am I Sexist?

Am I Sexist? I Have No Idea.

Never in history have human differences been so confusing. Throughout history we have been more wrong about human differences, but in those times it did not seem as confusing. 2,341 more words


Equal Pay Act

President Barack Obama “shamed” Congress in his 2015 “State of the Union” address to pass legislation that already exists.

Apparently not “briefed” by his Secretary of Labor and Attorney General, Obama… 401 more words


Obama, State of the Union, Thug Life

The internet can be an endless black hole of distraction.  I try, although I’m sure I fail at times, to post things that have some value, that will give you something to ponder over.   211 more words

Republicans vote to end Pay Equity Commission

DENVER — Senate Republicans again reminded their Democratic colleagues what it’s like being in the minority as they voted Wednesday afternoon to do away with the Pay Equity Commission, arguing that it’s a feckless body that hasn’t accomplished much. 353 more words


Equal Pay for Women in the Arts

Dear friends, please sign and share!

“Legislation should be enacted whereby any arts organization or institution that is receiving city, state or federal funding should be mandated to allocate an equitable portion of that funding to women artists, thereby ensuring that they receive grants and/or employment opportunities that are traditionally denied them. 75 more words