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“The progress has stalled:” WLP Managing Attorney Terry Fromson testified about Equal Pay in Pennsylvania

By Tara Murtha

“Gender-based wage discrimination is unfortunately alive and persistent in Pennsylvania,” Terry Fromson, Managing Attorney of Women’s Law Project, testified in front of the House Democratic Policy Committee in Philadelphia yesterday. 625 more words

PA Legislature

If Women Had Their Own Currency, Here's What It Would Be Worth

After a little girl asked President Obama why there aren’t any women on U.S. Currency, he said Wednesday that adding some female faces to our cash sounded like a “pretty good idea.” Almost immediately, all of our… 180 more words

Wow! Study Finds Women & Minorties Are Punished For Helping Each Other At Work

A new study has uncovered a confusing double standard about promoting diversity in the office.

Climbing the social ladder is sometimes a daunting task on its own. 365 more words


What Our Culture of Overwork Is Doing to Mothers

A slew of new research suggests that equality between the sexes, the rise of which seemed to stop in the ’90s like a three-day old helium balloon, is back in the ascendant. 819 more words

The Wage Gap "Myth"

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Okay, now that that’s out of my system …

I just read an article “debunking” the wage gap myth, i.e., insisting that women do not get paid less for what they do. 1,716 more words

The Gender Pay Gap

Liberals, such as those at the New Republic, are still clinging to that 77% statistic when writing about the gender pay gap, you know, the one where liberals claim that women earn only 77% of what men earn, implying discrimination (see… 559 more words