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January 30, 2011: This was probably from one of my German Literature readings.
Feminism at heart is a massive complaint. Lesbianism is the solution Until all women are lesbians there will be no true political revolution. 897 more words


Well, slap my paycheck and call me Sally!


Some guys still hold the door open for women. Nothing wrong with that, everybody likes a little chivalry now and then.

But ICYMI some places are holding the door shut.   336 more words

Disabled Workers and the Lord Freud Furore…

Last week Welfare Reform Minister Lord Freud provoked anger by suggesting that some disabled people were “not worth” the national minimum wage and seemed to suggest they might be paid £2 an hour if they are willing to work for that rate of pay.  290 more words


Why I Don't Consider Myself a Feminist and The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant

I don’t consider myself a feminist.

I do believe that woman should have choices, be paid the same, and are worth just as much as men. 1,065 more words


Microsoft CEO says he was ‘completely wrong’ to suggest women shouldn’t ask for raises

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By Dan Kedmey, TIME

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in… 151 more words


Reason To Vote Green #1: They'll Make Sure The Minimum Wage Is A Living Wage

As a Northerner, there are few times when I feel a stronger sense of moral outrage than when I go in to an underwhelming pub to buy a pint of average lager in London and the Bar Staff demand £7.20 from me. 877 more words

Why women don't get raises

(CNN) — In American business great CEOs embody their companies. They persuasively connect their companies’ brands to the emotions, desires, aspirations and, yes, the fears and challenges of consumers — men and women alike. 70 more words

Brand Bounces