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The Daily Read: Rethink Your Definition of Feminism

You’re all a bunch of feminists and don’t even know it.

When I first created the concept for the “The Library“, my initial rationale behind it was not only to provide media consumers with content that exceeds the standard on internet journalism, but to educate people on what it actually means to be a feminist — and to rid the world of the “social media” depiction of them. 640 more words

The Daily Read

5 Ways Society Discriminates Against Men

In my last article I showed you five legal rights that women have and men don’t, and now I would like to discuss some things that are not technically legal rights, but might as well be, because they benefit women at the expense of men. 918 more words

Times They Are Changing

On August 13, 2014 a British News website called The Independent published a story that shocked Christians around the world. Vicky Beeching, a renowned worship leader, songwriter, and theologian made a shocking announcement…She is gay. 898 more words

#ThoughtfulThursday: A Poem and Palpable Predicament

This poem is not related to my life and experiences but I couldn’t sleep tonight and the words just started flowing. It’s completely fictional in my case, but I feel like there are women out there who can relate because this is TRUE!!  658 more words

Dirty D Journalism

Today I was harassed on the street. Again.

207th street and Cooper Ave, approx. 2:35pm. A white guy in his mid twenties wearing a shaved head, brown cargos and an undershirt says quietly as I walk past: “Little hickey, huh?” 314 more words

Good Feminist/Bad feminist

Through my travels I have found that some things can be found no matter where you are in the world: Subway restaurants, the same crappy souvenirs with a different city name on it, and cat calls from men. 417 more words

Police or Foreign Army? Ferguson

By Lou Saboter

As American society continues to melt down, it’s amazing that people are still engaging in conversations that seem like something out of the 80s.  752 more words

Journal Of Public Corruption