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The Peculiar Thing About Misogyny

The peculiar thing about misogyny– or all forms of prejudice against a specified group of people, for that matter– is the basis for that prejudice. 174 more words

Oh God, here's another Femi-Nazi.

Feminism. It’s seems to be treated as such a dirty word these days. God forbid would anyone want to openly admit that they are a supporter of the feminist movements in our society today, and I have a good idea as to why. 627 more words


Feminists Unite! Or Bake a Pie

As a child who came of age in the 1960s and 70s during the feminist movement, I am a bit confused by the recent spate of anti-feminist rhetoric circulating on social media from young women. 699 more words


Equal Rights

I was asked the other day what my opinions were about gay marriage, *sigh* yes people, we are about to go there. Let’s ignore the fact that in 2014 this is an incredibly ridiculous thing to be asking. 645 more words


Gay Marriage..

So gay marriage is a heavily debated topic in today’s world, especially since President Obama wants to legalize gay marriage. Personally, I am 100% for gay married and equality for all, however others disagree, which I’m okay with. 233 more words

That Time Political Correctness Landed on Its Ass

They say it’s best not to write something when you’re angry.  How about when you’re perplexed, confounded, immersed in the phrase – WTF!!??

I’ve had plenty of discussions around the idea of political correctness over the last year, in particular for how it’s been used in various topics on Aboriginal issues.  492 more words