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Gay Marriage..

So gay marriage is a heavily debated topic in today’s world, especially since President Obama wants to legalize gay marriage. Personally, I am 100% for gay married and equality for all, however others disagree, which I’m okay with. 233 more words

Political Correctness Lands on Its Ass

They say it’s best not to write something when you’re angry.  How about when you’re perplexed, confounded, immersed in the phrase – WTF!!??

I’ve had plenty of discussions around the idea of political correctness over the last year, in particular for how it’s been used in various topics on Aboriginal issues.  492 more words


Are Women Animals?

I am slowly writing a post on animal pain or how we view pain in animals, not really sure yet. During my research I came across this lecture (audio / 40 min / 19 MB). 198 more words

Animal Behavior

Emancipation was the worst decease in the World! The Gender War is ending now...

Emancipation of the woman, means constant fighting, everybody against everybody. But not in the open. Behind somebodys back. A very coward and penetrant way to destroy love and happiness! 350 more words

Gender War

Day #11 Girl Power -- Strong Women of New Zealand

New Zealand women were the first in the world to earn the right to vote. They did this back in 1893 and a mural just near the Auckland Art Gallery pays tribute to Kate Sheppard and others who led the suffrage campaign. 253 more words

Feminists, Women against feminism and MRM

This is in reply to the feminists who are against WomenAgainstFeminism movement

Currently world over there is a huge debate going on whether feminism is dead. 1,294 more words

Gender Bias

Kate Kelly’s religious conundrum - examined

Though this bit of prose reads more like poetry, those who can recognize and internalize its message, will have gained a surprisingly concise tool.

One that speaks to and answers any number of religious, and religious/political, conflations – in understanding their overweening need to be right.