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"So, what do you do?"

I have come to realise this more and more. I tend to say that we live in a society where people judge you for what you do. 542 more words

Australia Named As One Of The World's Worst Human Rights Offenders

Australia has been named and shamed on a list of the world’s worst human rights offenders – but it’s not for the reasons you may think. 760 more words

Marriage Benefits Extended

A Catholic Bishop compared requiring all couples to be treated with equal dignity to “the cruelty and torture of the Roman Empire” last week. 64 more words

Information On Your Rights

Thoughtful Thursdays - Ambition

Truth… Who run the world? Girls. Listen to the late, great Marilyn. Ladies, fight for what you want. If there are men standing in your way, do not let them! 31 more words


LGBTQ Leadership

As the fight for Marriage Equality continues — now with the U.S. State of Alabama grabbing headlines for the insolence of Justice Roy Moore — and the… 1,268 more words

Mr. AP Says...

ERA video

Click this link to see an interesting and educational video

Information On Your Rights

So... Should All 50 States Legalize Same-sex Marriage?

As of now, 36 States & Washington D.C. allow same-sex marriage and the federal government recognizes same-sex marriage. Seven out of fourteen states that ban same-sex marriage had their marriage bans ruled unconstitutional, which means that America is well headed towards full marriage equality. 1,476 more words