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Not So Frat-tastic

I’m sure a lot of you have heard statistics relating fraternities to higher instances of sexual assault and rape.  It’s no big secret that unhealthy views of women and sexuality can be promoted, especially in environments inundated with alcohol and peer pressure.  53 more words

Women in Charge??

Maybe I’m naive, but I thought that women in politics was no longer something to talk about.  I was surprised to read an article from Politico Magazine… 176 more words

You Could Have Just 2....


Remember in your youth the phrase “Think before you speak”
was told over and over by the adults around you? It always amazed me how some… 540 more words


What's in a Name?

Chuck Wendig wrote two interesting articles on why people should be feminists last week. I wholeheartedly support his stance that we should do more to remove discrimination against people who whether by self- or external perception have the label female. 485 more words


"Until We Could"

Marriage equality in the United States has been a hot button for politicians, everywhere.

There are those who stand firmly on the side of the right wing conservatives. 424 more words

Being Gay

Show your support for the female players who seek equal treatment

You can sign an e-petition here to voice your support for the soccer players asking that FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association afford them the same conditions it would afford men playing in the World Cup: Fields of grass, not of fake turf. 32 more words