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There is a Difference between Fairness and Equality

Besides writing, directing drama, and coaching softball, I also teach American Government. I purposefully stay away from politics on this blog because that’s not what this blog is about. 936 more words


Freedom in a Conservati​ve Interest that is not for sale; at any price

   If there is one word that best defines the philosophical DNA of a conservative; it is freedom. That is why conservatives are constantly trying to reduce the size and regulatory power of government.  599 more words

Economic Justice

In this entry, I hope to address a moral question that troubles me greatly: why is anyone else entitled to the product of my labor if they do not provide for themselves? 2,784 more words

Income Inequality

A good moral system must be like a good hiker’s compass. If too finely calibrated, it will swing wildly every time she clambers over a rock. 2,698 more words