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Write Idea, Wrong Execution.

I read a post the other day called ‘Why I Put My Husband Before Our Kids.’

It’s not the kind of thing I usually read, but I was curious, because I don’t, actually, put the Handsome Sidekick before our Offspring, and I wondered whether the article might have something interesting to say about why I should. 736 more words

Something amazing happened...

Well this has been a hectic week. Started my last pre-requisite for nursing and work has been especially rough. Needless to say it’s been a little stressful. 451 more words


Discrimination Is For Everyone

White people can be victims of racism. Men can be victims of sexism. Young people can be victims of ageism. Heterosexual people can be victims of heterophobia. 760 more words


To All the Daniels in the World

Dear Daniel,

I wish I could have been your mother. There are so many things I would have said and done.

I would have raised you with the knowledge that people are people are people, and that bigotry is never okay. 756 more words


Who Run the World? Girls?

So today in school, I received my very first disciplinary. I know, such a bad girl riri, right? But you’ll never guess what it was for. 677 more words

Oh the joy of being 'Mum'

I am going to try not to sound bitter in this next paragraph….

My cycle test to be a bikeability instructor for primary and secondary schools went well and they want me to do the full course. 271 more words