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Stop Treating Women Like This!

“Gender-based ‪#‎violence‬ is a form of ‪#‎discrimination‬ that seriously inhibits women’s ability to enjoy ‪#‎rights‬ and freedoms on a basis of ‪#‎equality‬ with men.” – Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, General Recommendation No. 17 more words

The Feminist Mystique.

She drank twelve cups of Goon punch, and then passed out on the lawn in her underwear. She was acting like such a slut, I’m surprised more people didn’t rape her. 1,162 more words

Personal & Anecdotal

Socialism: A Personal Look

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. In a heartbeat everything that once was can suddenly turn into a distant memory. And after a while, those memories begin to feel like they belong to someone else’s lifetime. 491 more words


The percentage of women running in Indian elections is even smaller than the percentage of female MPs

6.9%was the percentage of women candidates in the 2009 Indian election. Although the 2009 figure is the highest in 15 national elections held in India so far (the lowest was 2.2% in 1971), it’s far from representative of the electoral demographic, and does not reflect the popularity of female candidates. 45 more words

Stop Telling Women to Smile

Here’s another post about feminism.

If you follow me on Instagram (@meowwwwwmix) or twitter(@chloegerhardson), which I suggest you do, you may have notice several postings about an art movement called  418 more words

Philosophical Pissings, Pt. 1

[Note: a continuation of a potential book/essay.]

A dialogue between a man and a woman.

Where hath you been woman?
For I hath been under a curse! 663 more words


Gay Rights Timeline

Below you will find a gay rights timeline to see the progress that has been made over time…