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*feminist bitch*

I’m really tired. I’m really tired of hating my own body. Society taught me to shrink myself. They told me, ‘You can have ambition, but not too much, be successful, but not too successful. 318 more words


Speak like a child

Women are made to be equal. To walk alongside men
Much like blacks and whites
Northern and Southern
Straight and LGBT 
But if you look close enough you realize
what we did to monsters as kids?
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"Ad Stereotypes Hurt Guys Too" - The Vitamin W Staff

As “The Women in Media Project” we have a clear focus on women (obviously), but it is important to call attention to the ways men are hurt by stereotyping media aspects. 93 more words

Expressing myself

I was at a family dinner the other night and my aunt and cousin were asking me about the death penalty (they seem to think they can change my mind, it’s quite annoying). 315 more words

Book Report: The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan

I suspect a lot of young women have never heard of Betty Friedan and the second wave of Feminism but their grandmothers remember the game-changing book and its impact on social relations between men and women. 453 more words


You may mock a Christian’s belief in Heaven but they aren’t fool enough to think they could create it on Earth.

Dark Enlightenment

Treat me like an equal, not like a man.

Equality comes in many forms and many waves. Had first world feminists stopped at suffrage rights, we’d be in a much different place (especially since many women in the suffragist movement only worried about upper middle class white women’s right to vote). 395 more words