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How does UK compare with Holland? Badly

How does UK compare with Holland?  I’m asked about this once in awhile. To be honest I should be asked this more often by Brits. Because despite the relatively small amount of water between the UK and the Netherlands, the differences are staggering.   650 more words


Michael Brown, Ferguson, and Implicit Racism in America

In recent weeks, everywhere I look I see pieces written by people about the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Some of the pieces support Brown, others attack Brown, all of them make explicit or implicit claims about what the incident means for America’s soul. 1,674 more words


The Anthony Johnson Show!

Please join me for an extended edition of “We Can Be the Outcome” on the ANTHONY JOHNSON SHOW on Thursday August 28th @ 9pm EST, as I discuss: 73 more words


We. Shall. Overcome.

Since Michael Brown was laid to rest, “We Shall Overcome” has lodged in my mind – not the song so much as the title. We. Shall. 922 more words


My 16 Year Old Self On Going Topless

Ok, I’m gonna level with you. This month has been cray-cray-zy for me. I usually don’t have any social events (or interaction at all) but all August there seems to be one thing after another which will conclude this Thursday when I go to see Jack White with my mom. 1,884 more words


PSA: On Contradiction

Do I contradict myself?

Very well then, I contradict myself,

I am large, I contain multitudes.

- Walt Whitman

What you call “contradiction” I call “complement”.

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