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I Quote Who I Want

I remember, last year, we were given the prompt of writing on the idea that we were able to resurrect anyone from history and speak to them, the idea was that we were supposed to learn from them. 99 more words


Democracy and ... equality?

One of those quotes that I found worth promoting from my regular feed. This is from the end of Chapter 17 in Book 2. 217 more words


Do I Really Need Feminism?

I’ve been working in Washington DC for two months now. In one month I’ll be returning home to Laramie, Wyoming.

It’s quite a different environment. 1,591 more words


What's the big deal in changing your name?

BRACE YOURSELF. I feel a couple of rants coming on that I may just pitch out one right after another. I have the urge to rant. 875 more words

The Gender Disagreement

I have yet another rant to say, but as a disclaimer, I would like to point out that this is going to be slightly female-oriented, and each point can be countered by something guy-related.

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My response to Tim Teeman's article regarding John Travolta on The Daily Beast.

In response to Tim Teeman’s article, which can be found at:


Dear Tim,

Well, here we are again, then. You, having been in search of the Muse, yet unable to find her. 834 more words

IUD Inside

Last month’s Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court filled me with such blinding rage that I have been unable to write about it (or even think about it) in a reasonable manner. 741 more words

Over Sharing