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Membership of Humanity is Not Restricted

Over the last few days, many of the blogs and persons I follow have made reference to this article which suggests “douchebag” as an appropriate pejorative label for white people. 377 more words


Garrison Keillor vs. Michael Jordan: Interracial Dating in the Midwest

“Mom, Dad, I just want you to know I’ve met the man I’m going to marry.”

It was 1985 and I had just gotten home from my first day of fifth grade. 1,273 more words


On Love: The value of love

In the third part of this series of posts about Love I thought to address the subject of the ‘value of love’.

When we talk about the value of things we talk about the amount they worth (money wise), the degree of importance and usefulness they have, and their special characteristics. 615 more words


Take me to Church

This song was the one my brain chose today. Its been stuck in my head for two days now. I LOVE the story behind this song. 34 more words


Saving the NHS for the Common Good and Clive Gregory on Radio Kent

Clive Gregory, our Rochester and Strood by-election candidate, was in Rochester yesterday speaking to voters. A report and cameo of Clive’s conversations with voters can be heard on today’s  53 more words


Black History Month

Good Morning! The City Of Glasgow College Students’ Association have arranged a panel discussion today as part of Black History Month on “What it means to be black in Scotland”. 116 more words

Is Social Equality the Same as Biblical Equality?

Equal: (source)

1. (Adjective): being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value

2. (Noun): someone or something that is as good, skillful, valuable, etc., as another person or thing…

1,627 more words