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The Case for Appointing More Women in the Boardroom

Of 197 heads of state, only 22 are women…. Of the top 500 companies by revenues, only 21 are headed by women. In politics, women hold just 18% of congressional offices” 550 more words


Response to Katelyn Carmen's Marriage article

We are not all stereotypical Women

In relationships; my own thankfully, forgetting who wears the “pants” is the most freeing thing you can do.

My boyfriend does dishes, I do laundry. 1,072 more words

LHS Making a Way for LGBT Acceptance

Bullying in the American education system has, is, and always will be a significant problem to students and staff alike. Kids being laughed at, or made fun of because of choices they have made, or ridiculed for things they may not be able to control has been something that students find hard living with, and faculty and staff find challenging dealing with. 329 more words

Gay Rights

Are women garden/landscape designers fairly represented?

I was very much looking forward to reading the article in the January 2015 edition of Gardens Illustrated on ‘Women in Design’ by Ambra Edwards, which ‘’celebrates great women (garden) designers’’. 279 more words

Miscellaneous: My thoughts as a female on feminism and "feminism" in viral media today

I call myself a feminist.

Contrary to some make-believe image of what a feminist should look like, I don’t write signs saying that all men are pigs or that they’re all sleazy bastards who think it’s okay to harass someone. 1,066 more words


Emily, James & Katie

Emily, James and Katie are hugely valued members of Spectrum who helped us reshape and improve the podcast. They are not currently working on an episode but are still supportive of the podcast and will hopefully be back with us soon when uni life has calmed down a little. 296 more words

The Inequality of Love

“I think that he always was just a little bit more in love with her.”

I heard someone say this about a year ago, but it continues to resurface in my mind. 1,018 more words