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Amazing Digital Library Update For Everyone And New Yorkers Get Free Access To Museums

It is a pretty exciting time to be an open art enthusiast. For far too long, the art world excluded people that were from an average or disadvantaged background. 242 more words

Every Story

My Thoughts on LGBTQIA Issues as a Bahá'í

[In this blog's previous incarnation I had written two posts on LGBTQIA issues that received a lot of positive feedback both on-site and via my email. 3,301 more words


The PM's Panicking Over Women - Good Lord!

Listen… just listen for a moment? Hear that? Those strangely moist reverberations in the distance, like a large lump of Spam quivering? That’s the not-entirely-rare but distinctive sound of our prime minister panicking. 717 more words


Household Incomes & Salaries

I saw a news article recently that bemoaned the fact that “household incomes have remained flat…” Later in the same article, the author observed that salaries for top earners are up. 432 more words


Sex Education

How difficult is it for us to talk to our children about sex?  What does it take to overcome our feeling of societal taboo? That feeling of sheepishness when talking about anything remotely rude?  933 more words

I beg to differ..

President Obama was featured on MSNBC talking about the sexual assaults on college campuses.

One thing that bothers me is the focus on one area of a woman’s life…. 177 more words


Buzzfeed and The War On Men

Still prolonging that introduction post…

In case you have been living under a rock, and providing that you do in fact watch Buzzfeed, you will be more than likely aware of the Feminine vibes that vibrate from Buzzfeed’s videos. 809 more words