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Starting equal

In Finland, all expectant mothers get a box full of essentials to prepare them for their new arrival. I love this idea. Each baby gets the same box of stuff, whether they’re from a rich family or a poor one, whether they’re sick, disabled, or healthy. 177 more words


Which country has the most women in parliament?

This week I read that in the world rankings for women in government, Britain comes 65th, as just 147 of our 650 members of parliament are women. 179 more words


Driver of Eminence

Every year, the SCCA autocross community at large nominates one of our own for the Drive of Eminence award.  By definition, the recipient of the award meets the following criteria: 764 more words


Bullies and Burdens: Six Links of Separation

The more I write this blog, the more surprised I am at how many times random ideas, links, people, and events connect and come around, full circle – like the film  300 more words


Punch like a girl

You punch like a girl

This is often used as an insult or a joke towards someone who can’t punch. It infers that girls cannot punch and that girls are inferior.

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I didn't want to...but I think I have to...

I don’t often ask for help…

But I think this time I need to. Mind you, I am tired, and I could just be over-tired…but I decided to make a page for crowd funding… 162 more words


Another Update!!

I have to apologize for not finishing the useful links section!!! I have been so incredibly busy! So first let me tell you what I have been up to!! 449 more words